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Dreaming to be a flight attendant? Check ICATS on the "ART" of Corporate Dressing

If my height is a bit taller, I want no other profession in this world than be a cabin crew or a flight attendant. I think it’s the best job ever to be able to travel around the world and serving fellow travelers up above! I think that dream is never gonna happen but for you out there who are young, carefree and who possess the physical qualifications for this job, check out International Cabin Attendant Training School (ICATS). I’m sharing the latest press release from our friends at ICATS to consider this school for our future world-class flight attendants who will take care of us on the way to our destination and back. 

Arthuro Reyes “Arth” De Leon, Program and Training Head and Co-founder of the International Cabin Attendant Training School (ICATS), recently completed a Corporate Image Consultant Certification Course at the Sterling Style Academy in New York City. The course will enable De Leon to expand ICATS’ Campus and Corporate Image Program and help students and professionals look good and become more successful in life. The expanded dress for success program is open to those who want to improve or enhance their corporate image and is exclusively being offered by ICATS, the country’s premier learning institution for flight attendants. 

“My days in New York were unforgettable. I learned a lot from the modules I studied. Among others, I was taught how to choose the right clothes based on the color of the eyes, hair, and skin; how to select the best fabric and texture of clothes to stand out in the corporate world; and how to pick the right outfit based on a person’s body. These are just some of the things you will also learn if you study at ICATS,” De Leon revealed. Among others, De Leon trained in Professional Degrees of Dress for Men and Women, Color Analysis, Body Analysis, Fashion Styles, Individual Personal Style Evaluations and Corporate Image Seminars, and Corporate Communication Style Development. His expertise will increase the chances of aspiring flight attendants, companies, and students in getting a good job. At the same time, De Leon’s training will help ICATS develop a more comprehensive and effective campus and corporate branding programs. 

“With this course, we can strengthen our program and become more credible. Aside from flight attendants, we like to improve the customer service of other companies like what we did for Victory Liner. By dressing right, employees can look professional and level up to the high standards of flight attendants when it comes to the clothes they wear,” he explained. Other companies that have benefitted from ICATS Corporate Image Program are SEAAIR, Megaworld Corporation, China Bank Savings, United Pharma Plus Inc., and the Philippine National Bank Savings. Studies show that wearing the right clothes will not only make you look good; they can also make you more productive and more successful in life. 

Scientific American said a good wardrobe can improve thinking and negotiating skills as well as boost hormone levels and heart rate to give a person the confidence to succeed. Social Psychological and Personality Science reported that subjects who wore formal clothing did well in abstract thinking. They were more creative and better at strategizing. This gave them feelings of power. Furthermore, the Journal of Experimental Psychology said that male subjects who dressed up became better negotiators and got more profitable deals than those who dressed casually. 

With ICATS’ Campus and Corporate Program, De Leon hopes that fresh graduates will get the jobs they deserve. Company employees will also benefit from the program since it will improve their appearance and contribute to a high degree of professionalism in the workplace. 

ICATS is located at Unit 907-A East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. For more information, visit like their facebook account or call 470-7523 local 801, 0917-8222366, or 0939-9144309 .

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