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The Bluewater Resort Maribago and Amuma Spa Cebu Blog Review

bluewater resort maribago blog cebu review

Looking for a beachfront luxury resort in Cebu? Check out Bluewater Resort in Maribago, Cebu. You're welcome! My recent trip to the Queen City of the South was like hitting two birds in one stone. First, I was able to get to know One Central Hotel, the newest business hotel in Cebu. If you are going to Cebu on a business trip or leisure, I highly recommend this urban hotel located in the historic downtown area of Cebu. You can click HERE my One Central Hotel Cebu Blog ReviewSecond, we were also able to visit Bluewater Resort in Maribago, Cebu. It's a beachfront resort that offers topnotch island getaways.

Our Cebu itinerary only shows one dinner in Bluewater Resort Maribago however the management did some last minute change. We're supposed to see another tourist spot but it is out of the way to the airport. I was jumping with joy when I learned that we're going to Bluewater Resort Maribago instead because when we went there to eat at around 8pm, I cannot take good photos or go around to enjoy the views because it is night time already.

bluewater maribago beach resort cebu

Introduction to Bluewater Resort Maribago 
Bluewater Maribago is part of the Bluewater Resorts group, a chain of resorts in the Vizayas and Mindanao. As a true homegrown brand, Bluewater Resorts goal is providing the best Filipino culture in every part of their operation. What I personally like about Bluewater Resort in Maribago is that it has this “Filipinoish" branding from the use of local materials to the genuine care (alaga in Tagalog or amuma in Cebu) of all the staff to its guests. 

Now that I am in my thirties, I have learned to appreciate accommodations that cost more. Instead of getting a hostel bed, I invest in a nicer place that's worth every cent I pay. Bluewater Resort is certainly not for those who are traveling on a tight budget but as they say, you'll definitely get what you pay. 

On our last day, we arrived in Bluewater Resort Maribago past one o'clock in the afternoon. We have plenty of time to take a nap, go around or just do nothing. When I learned that they're treating us for a massage, I said yes in an instant. All thanks to Benjie Layug, a fellow blogger who is the reason why I am part of this Cebu trip and who opened this idea to the management because this super shy girl cannot do it by herself. 


The Amuma Spa of Bluewater Resort Maribago 
I work hard, if not so much harder these days. As a freelancer, I know there's no assurance that in the days to come I have enough clients to work with. I get burnt out easily that's why I always make sure I need to recharge myself.  
I was able to try Amuma Spa's most basic massage called Hingut-an. It's a head and shoulder massage that only takes 30 minutes while you sit. You may think this is such a short time but boy, I felt so relieved. Hingut-an is a hair-pulling technique that stimulates circulation, relieve headaches and induce rest & sleep. It's a blend of slow and rhythmic rubbing along the neck, back and arms also to help rejuvenate both body and soul. Rate is Php 800 per person. My mom used to pull the strands of my hair gently when I was little to relax me. The lady who massaged me is such a pro! She really focused touching my backbone from my neck until the very end gently. The pressure she applied is so damn good that I felt lighter after. 
bluewater resort maribago blog cebu

More choices of spa treatments available  
Bluewater Resort Maribago's Amuma Spa has a lot of choices! See the list below which one fits your idea of a wellness package.
Hilot sa kawayan (Bamboo massage) 
This treatment uses oiled bamboo sticks to provide stimulating massages. It alternates between firm and soft massage sensations, making it a pleasant way to restore the body and relax the soul. It also helps normalize blood circulation and boost immunity. 
Duration: 90 minutes Rate: Php 3,500 

Hilot Ugnat 
This is Amuma Spa's version of the Thai massage. This is all about the application of pressure on certain important points on the body which is believed to facilitate the energy flow. 
Duration: 60 minutes Rate: Php 3,000 

Hilot Journey 
If you want to treat your body for an extensive cultural wellness experience. You will be batched in Amuma's signture oil and calmansi-blend to exfoliate and invigorate your skin. Then you'll be wrapped in cool banana leaf after a thorough application of coconut cream, Amuma potion, calamansi and Cebu's famous mangoes. 

For your hair and scalp, warm virgin coconut oil is drizzled on your hairline to moisturize the crown. If you want to keep your hair oil-free, a scalp massage is given in place of a hot oil treatment. 

A warm bath of sea salt, calmansi Amuma potions and flowers will embrace and take you further on your journey to hilot, a combination of our favorite native massage techniques such as Tuob (foot wash), Hingut-an (hair pulling) and Tsa (tea). 
Duration: 80 minutes Rate: Php 6,500 

Malakas at Maganda (for couples) 
Treat your loved one with a romantic spa experience by availing this package. Native ingredients and oils are carefully put in a therapeutic rituals that enhance relaxation and intimacy. This treatment starts with gentle coco skin exfoliation coupled with a hair and scalp hot oil preparation. Then, the bodies are wrapped in honey and cleansed as they immerse in a bath of soothing coconut milk and ylang-ylang scent. A specially prepared meal will be served at the veranda after a rejuvenating oil massage.
Duration: 210 minutes Rate: Php 13,000 

Amuma Paligo
Starts with gentle dry exfoliaton and an invigorating scrub with native loof and river stone. Body is wrapped with banana leaves an application of virgin coconut oil, lemongrass, calmansi and Cebu's famous mangoes. While your body hydrates, hair, scalp and arms are treated with virgin coconut oil to nourish. Treatmeant finishes with soothing warm bath of sea salt, lemongrass, calamnsi and flowers.
Duration: 90 minutes Rate: Php 3,200

Pampalamig Wrap (Cooling Wrap)
This package is Amuma Spa's quick fix to over exposure to the sun. A cooling potion of cucumber, mint and banana is gently applied, wrapping the entire body, to soothe any sunburn skin discomfort. After an icepack dabbing, a moisturize bath of coconut milk, lemongrass oil and flowers rejuvenates.
Duration: 90 minutes Rate: Php 3,500

Papaya Body Wrap
This therapy involves full body exfoliation to nourish and soften the skin, ending with luxurious Jacuzzi bath infused with calamansi, coconut milk and salt. It is also made of other fresh local ingredients such as mashed papaya and banana fronds. Papaya has anti-aging effects, used in lightening dark spots and toning the skin.
Duration: 90 minutes Rate: Php 3,500

The Amuma Spa also has packages for facial care, foot care, hand care and waxing. If you avail any of the spa treatments worth Php 3,00 and up, you get a spa gift item.  


The Amuma Spa of Bluewater Resort Maribago has the same high standards with three of the world-class wellness destinations I have also visited in the past: The Mandala Spa in Boracay, Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay and Chi the Spa of Shangri-la EDSA & Mactan.  From the amenities to the ultimate pampering experience, I can assure you every second is worth it!

The Bluewater Resort Maribago
This resort is huge! It would be a pity if you'll book for one night here only. I regret though we were only here for a quick visit but I was able to roam around as much as I can to see what's in here. Below are some of the activities / reasons why you should spend your next vacation here:

Island adventures
The top three things to do here are island hopping, snorkeling, fishing and cruising.  For water sports enthusiasts you can the wave runners, paddle boat, banana boat, kayaking, wakeboard and catamarans. They also offer diving courses for newbies and professionals.

The beach of Bluewater Resort Maribago is  110 meters long. Surrounded by golden coconut palms and umbrella huts, you'll surely have the best time here.

Swimming pool
Bluewater Resort Maribago's lagoon-inspired pools are set amongst lush, tropical vegetation and cascading waterfalls. If you wish to take a dip, there are three swimming pools waiting for you! 

Marine Wildlife Lagoon
If you wanna see real sharks swimming in manmade lagoons, Bluewater Resort Maribago is the answer. You can even feed them every 4pm. Just ask any staff for guidance.

Five star spa in Cebu amuma spa in Bluewater resort Maribago

Amuma Spa in Bluewater Resort Maribago Cebu Review


Bluewater Resort Maribago's Five Restaurant
You're not gonna wish to go out of this resort if you want to eat. They have 5 restaurants to choose from! 

Allegro Restaurant
Bluewater Maribago's main restaurant. It offers al fresco patio dining by the pool. Daily ala carte and buffet menus are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open 24 hours every day. Every night they have themes and they have live performers. 

The Cove
The Cove is a live seafood restaurant overlooking the nearby island and the open sea. Cool and breezy, it is one of Cebu's best spots to indulge in the freshest sea bounty. There are big aquariums where you can choose the kind of fish you want to be cooked for your meal.

The Oyster Bar
A place to unwind while enjoying a drink or two, it has a great view of the Cove beach. It is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Pizzeria Delfinos
An Italian cafe that serves salad, pasta, sandwich and more.  It is located in front of the Bluewater Art Gallery featuring Filipino artworks. Open daily  from 11am to 10pm.

Amuma Juice Bar
After having a spa treat at Amuma Spa, you can go here to get a light meal. Amuma Juice Bar serves fresh fruits, vegetable-based juices and coffee. Open daily from 9am-6pm. 

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Bluewater Resort Maribago's Rooms

I was able to take some photos of the room where we spent the whole afternoon. I super love that our room has this native ambiance. Spacious is the best word to describe every room here.  The aircon is working fine, the bath room is huge and the beds are so comfy. Special mention to our strong wifi which I am not expecting since we are in a remote place. I give 1 million points to the sliding doors made of Capiz shells. This heritage buff here is so happy she found her dream native home away from home!

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bluewater resort maribago cebu

Aside from Maribago, Sumilon and Panglao have Bluewater Resort properties as well. I do hope that soon, they also expand here in Luzon!

Facebook fan page:
Address: Buyong Maribago, Mactan Island Lapu-lapu City Cebu, Philippines 6015

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