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FREE: Cebu Internatl Travel Expo Series 2014 at Waterfront

FREE entrance to Cebu Internatl Travel Expo Series 2014 at Waterfront Hotel and Casino

The 5th  International Exhibition on Inbound and Outbound Travel, Travel and Leisure Products and Services Exhibition will happen on July 24 - 26 this year at Waterfront Hotel and Casino. You can pre - register by logging in at

July 24 - 25  10:30AM - 6:30PM
July 26        10:30AM - 6:00PM

For more information you may contact 750 - 8588 to 92 via landline or email or check their official Facebook Fan page.

2014 Sinulog Festival Schedule of Activities

Photo Courtesy of Facebook Fan Page Sinulog 2014
Sinulog Festival is a yearly event held every third Sunday of January in Cebu to celebrate and honor  the Santo Niño or Child Jesus. 

The highlight of the celebration is the Sinulog contest or the Sinulog Grade Parade on the ninth day where competing groups in bright colored costumes dance to the rhythm of drums, trumpets and native gongs.

My AirAsia Zest Top 4 Destination Wish list

Going back to my previous blog post, I mentioned about my life - changing trips to Ilocos that lead me to start my online travel shop December of last year through this blog . These trips eventually paved way for me to get featured in a magazine last March then end of August this year, I did one of the most momentous decisions in my life, I quit my job for eight years! It was a very comfortable work with a very stable salary but it requires me to stay in one place for years. The tasks have become a boring routine so I decided to dump it over a path of a location - independent lifestyle as a blogger, traveler and entrepreneur. 

Last year I have been around the country  despite my 15 allowed vacation leaves per year granted to me by my former company. Aside from Ilocos, I went to Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Bacolod, Guimaras and Bicol. Then early this year, my schedule has become hectic because of a full time job then and  this travel blog as part time gig so I have only been to Palawan, Singapore and Malaysia. I will definitely pack my bag without thinking twice and head over to the roads I traveled shortly again especially now that my life is not determined by how many vacation leave credits I still have compared before when I used to be an ordinary employee.

3D2N Cheapest Cebu Tour Package

Join our Cebu tour! 

3 Days 2 Nights Accommodation at Hotel Pier Cuatro or any accredited/partner hotel 
Daily Buffet Breakfast
Roundtrip Airport Transfers
Whole Day Mactan and Cebu City Tour with Buffet Lunch
Entrance fees

For more information please contact 0919-893-7236 or email anytime. 

Let us know how many persons are joining and your flight details (time + date of arrival and departure)

Cebu - Bohol Tour Itinerary Package or Bohol - Cebu Tour Itinerary Package

Php 4,300/ person ( for a minimum of 10 persons in a tour)

For  questions, please email or thru mobile 09198937136

1. Let us know how many people are joining

2. Your complete flight details: TIME and DATE of arrival and departure 

Cebu Tourist Spots

One of the craziest things I have ever done in my life is on my 28th birthday I took a flight and traveled solo to a place I have never been before in Cebu for exactly 28 hours.  If you are into heritage and culture please listen to my list of Cebu tourist spots I visited for only a day! Like the movie “The Holiday” starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz each of them swapped homes during the holiday season aiming to escape the birthday pressure and yeah, escape someone back home.  Start your day with breakfast in Tablea Chocolate Café in JY Square Mall, Lahug. Try their puto maya (sticky rice) with fresh mango slices and dark tsokolate (unsweetened tablets from pure cacao beans) for P90 only. These local cacao beans are world – class and made from the purest grains ever! Don’t miss this since they only have cafes in Cebu so far.

Travelling Solo in the Philippines

Sharing you an essay I wrote about travelling solo when I went to CebuSitting in a waiting shed roofed with dried nipa leaves along the asphalted road, I saw an old man about to cross to the other side. Wearing a buntal hat, worn out camisa de chino shirt and faded jeans rolled up to his knees, he slowly pulls the carabao through the rattan rope tightly tied to his left hand. Scattered in the middle of the road are maya birds hopping back and forth on fallen coconut fronds, upon seeing a jeepney approaching, quickly flew up to the nearest trees. The whiff of air from their flapping wings caused the dusts to go up creating a blurry sight for a moment.

How the Heck I Spent My Birthday in Cebu

This is the weirdest birthday I've ever spent in my life so far! I went to another place, did not take a single photo and spent with 2 other people whom each of us just met for the first time and had only 24 hours to spend as the next day I have to go back to Manila to work.To escape the pressures of my 28th birthday, I decided to spend it away so I booked a flight to Cebu and thinking to go to  Bohol as well. ALONE. Yes Alone. Well, I was dreaming of spending this especial day with somebody but I have no courage to take that first move to invite nor not even sure if I will be granted. "You crazy Rona! You'll spend only 24 hrs there and get back here?" says my friends. "Yeah, why not?" I answered. This is the first time I went to Cebu/Bohol without friends and no knowledge of where to go, I used Couchsurfing - a travel website and sent a group message in a forum for Cebu and asked what to do where to stay yadda yadda! I got decent answers and one sent me a message and offered me to show around the place. 

Cool! His name is Mike to my surprise, he isn't a local but an American who's been living here in the Philippines for 8 years. Ok, I will be toured around my own country by a foreigner!  "So any ideas where I can have a nice and affordable hotel?" I asked. "You can stay at my place". He quickly replied. I freezed for a while.  "There is another American girl who will be staying in my place as well. So there is nothing to worry about."  

6PM FEB 20 Landed in Cebu and we first met at Jo's Chicken Inato. They have very affordable steaks and the buko - halo. It is like a halo-halo inside a buko. I was kinda shy when I first met them but after a few minutes we're like starting to chat non-stop! Mike's place is in Mountain View, Busay which is like halfway to the hill and the view is MESMERIZING either daytime or night time. Promise. I swear. So we went up using his motorcycle in Cebu since the place has more terrains, people use motorcycle they call as habal-habal. 

12MN FEB 21 I was in tears but I try not to show to them. Was wondering who was thinking of me by that time and remembering it is my birthday. They knew it was my birthday so they brought me out for some drinks. We went to Mango Square street where there are some decent bars we tried. They ordered Red horse - a strong beer, me I choose something light - like San Mig light! Cristin has been to 43 countries while Mike has been to a lot as well. He knows how to speak Tagalog and Cebuano dialect but his accent remains very slang. He knows the customs and traditions and some What-to-tell-and-rather-not-tell about our culture. I feel like I am being hosted by a local!  He said that Manila and Cebu are like two countries very much alike but competing to each other. We danced. We got lost. Cristin disappeared. We looked for her. Then they couldn't find me. I couldn't find them either... we got lost inside a small dance floor!

4AM FEB 21 We went back or should I say up to Mike's house. Everyone is tipsy. We slept in one room like there is no tomorrow.

9AM FEB 21 Thank you to the light beers, I was able to wake up this early. I knew it. Had I chose the strong one, I would have been like Cristin still sleeping and snoring. Ooops sorry Cristin. Peace :) Mike is awake. He told me I am wasting my time If I stay in his place I should go out and see Cebu. So I went down the hill and ride in habal-habal. I will have another post of what are the places I've been. I was running out of time and decided not  to go to Bohol. Will be a different trip.

5PM FEB 21 Mike is texting me where am I. He said he wanted to show me around in his bike but cannot leave Cristin who is yeah still sleeping. He said he can't leave her that way. She's got a hang over. 

6PM FEB 21 Cristin is awake. Yehey! I waited for them to go down and we ate at this Italian Restaurant near Ayala IT Park. 

8PM FEB 21 We went up to Mike's house. They talked about travelling. I have nothing much to share never been to a foreign country. They are talking each holding a world map as long as an arm length. Cristin will be going to Bohol the next day for a few days and will explore Philippines in two months!

9PM, 10PM... 11PM FEB 21 My heart is starting to feel heavy. As I know I have to start packing my things up for my flight in a few hours. 

12MN FEB 22 "I HATE SAYING GOODBYE" I said to them. Time is too short! I catched a habal-habal ride again to go down. We parted and hugged each other lightly.

4AM FEB 22 Plane takes off. Me in a dramatic mood. Wondering If  I was ever remembered by that somebody at this very special day of my life. I lost my phone. Only a few knows my new number. No 
greeting on my Facebook wall as well. I got a hundred plus greetings already but I was only looking for that one greeting. Sigh! 

7AM FEB 22 I am back in my place. I slept and woke up at 2PM. Mike texted reminded me he left a reference in Couchsurfing. It is a courteous act after you met through that website that you share the experiences and what you learned etc. I replied to him and said I will do the same as soon as I am online. Since I have no photos in Cebu,  all I can show is our references to each other we left. I am back in Manila, back to reality. Just like nothing happened...

Philippines is now the 4th Biggest Shipbuilder in the World

“This year, the Philippines will become the fourth largest shipbuilder in the world, next only to China, South Korea and Japan. We are now already No. 1 in seamen, with 260,000 Filipino seafarers who sail the seven seas. We’re a superpower at sea. We have over 11,000 direct and indirect workers, and we plan to hire 2,000 - 3,000 additional workers in the next three years.” says Tsuneishi CEO & President Jon Ramon Aboitiz during the launching of M/V Tenshu Maru which is the biggest ship ever built in the Philippines. There are two world-class shipbuilding facilities that produce high-value exports in the Philippines:  Tsuneishi in Cebu and Hanjin in Subic.

M/V Tenshu Maru was launched last Nov. 10 at Tsuneishi shipyard in Balamban town of western Cebu province. Pres. Noynoy C. Aquino, the Japanese ambassador, Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia and other local politicians, leaders of the Aboitiz family who owns 20 percent of the shipyard, Japanese executives and workers joined the event. The M/V Tenshu Maru stretches 286.9 meter long, 45 meter wide and weighs around 92,000 tons. It only took 10 months to build the M/V Tenshu Maru with the help of 50 engineers and is now manned by 22 crews. To date, it is the 120th vessel constructed in Cebu.

The 147-hectare shipyard where M/V Tenshu Maru, was built 16 years ago with only 2,000 workers but now it surged to 11,000 workers and 70% of these workers are Balamban residents. Aboitiz added with the combined output of the Balamban shipyard and Hanjin in Subic, we’re surely be the fourth largest in shipbuilding. Balamban Mayor Ace Binghay in an interview said he is very proud that his hometown is the site of one of the world’s biggest shipyards though the place doesn’t have a track record of shipbuilding before. Pres. Noynoy in his speech thanked Tsuneishi “for achieving so much in short time and for the jobs provided to the people.”

Source: Aquino hails shipbuilders for jobs from Sunstar Cebu and Let's aim to be the Manny Pacquiao of shipbuilding, tourism and entertainment
Picture from