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My AirAsia Zest Top 4 Destination Wish list

Going back to my previous blog post, I mentioned about my life - changing trips to Ilocos that lead me to start my online travel shop December of last year through this blog . These trips eventually paved way for me to get featured in a magazine last March then end of August this year, I did one of the most momentous decisions in my life, I quit my job for eight years! It was a very comfortable work with a very stable salary but it requires me to stay in one place for years. The tasks have become a boring routine so I decided to dump it over a path of a location - independent lifestyle as a blogger, traveler and entrepreneur. 

Last year I have been around the country  despite my 15 allowed vacation leaves per year granted to me by my former company. Aside from Ilocos, I went to Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Bacolod, Guimaras and Bicol. Then early this year, my schedule has become hectic because of a full time job then and  this travel blog as part time gig so I have only been to Palawan, Singapore and Malaysia. I will definitely pack my bag without thinking twice and head over to the roads I traveled shortly again especially now that my life is not determined by how many vacation leave credits I still have compared before when I used to be an ordinary employee.

In response to AirAsia Zest, the newest brand name of the merging of two airlines - Air Asia Philippines and Zest air to bring any blogger to a destination of his/her choice, I am sharing below four  places with a story and photos why I want to see these again.


Did you know that during my two recent birthdays I traveled out of town alone? It all started when weeks before my birthday last year  I realized I have been celebrating it almost the same (treating my friends for a meal and/or a few drinks) so I booked a Manila - Cebu trip for one day and a half.  I spent it with two strangers whom I met through a traveler's website for the first time - Mike and Cristy, both Americans but they don't know each other before we all met. Mike has been living in Cebu for eight years so he speaks very fluent Cebu and Tagalog dialects but the American twang can never be taken away from his tongue! Really very talkative and funny guy he is. Cristy's visit here was her 43rd country! They just can't believe why in the most important day of my life I was out by myself far from friends and family. The time I spent there is so short so I am really looking forward to visit Cebu again. By the way this is the only photo I can share, because this trip is  a private, soul - searching kind of drama.  

Me and Cristy riding in a habal - habal ride

Since I started selling tour packages I have become busy preparing other people's trips that always I don't have time to mind my own trip. February of this year, to celebrate my birthday and broken hearted, I booked a flight to Palawan . I did somehow managed to read a few travel blogs to be familiar with the place and itinerary I can look up, that's it so when I arrived afternoon which is my birthday right at that moment I was walking the streets and asking the locals passing by where to stay.

My conclusion? Please do not follow what I did if you don't want your time wasted looking for a place to stay.  Good thing the beauty of the Puerto Princesa Underground River made me forgot all the hassle I went through and the majestic island - hopping adventures I did in El, Nido were worth all the pains.

A tour guide / boatman in Puerto Pirncesa Underground River
This teen made me hold my breathe when I saw him rode a wooden banca just about his size in El Nido
Cagayan de Oro

I went to Cagayan de Oro only over the weekend and I must say the best grilled food in the country can be found there! I was able to see their Divisoria - their night weekend market that is a few blocks long and boy I went home so full after eating their local version of grilled chicken.  I never got to try whitewater rafting when I went there just because I traveled solo to the place so when I went to the office that offers this kind of tour said go back when you have a company to share with! 

I did however enjoyed the other side of Cagayan de Oro - it's culture, religious and nature side . I want to go back here soon.

Inside Malasag Eco-tourism Village
These 3 young ladies accompanied me and took photos of me since I have no buddy to do it for me

Last July, I went to a whirlwind trip to two Asian countries -  2 days in Singapore and 1 day Malaysia. I did not really enjoyed so much because of the very short time we spent but I have great photos I treasure so much. I really look forward to go back to Malaysia and take more time going around. 


What is a Malaysia trip w/o a picture from Petrona's Twin Towers?

Inside the Putra Mosque we are required to follow their dress code

 So there you go, I can't wait to continue to travel in the Philippines again and even  travel in Asia soon. Since AirAsia Zest is now flying straight from NAIA Terminal 4 of Manila, I can see myself booking through them soon.  Aside from places I mentioned, I also wanted to see the rest of AirAsia Zest destinations. Locally they also have flights to Davao, Kalibo (Boracay) and Tagbilaran. Internationally, they also offer flights to Kota Kinabalu, Shanghai and Incheon. Their tagline "The Right Way to Fly" is really true because I have scoured already their flight ticket prices and it is very much affordable and can compete with the prices of the rest of airlines.

For those of you who wanna check out Air Asia Philippines, you may click their official Facebook Fan Page here and Twitter here.

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