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Free Entrance to the National Museum of the Philippines

The National Museum of the Philippines is  entrance - free for the whole month of October because of the celebration of Museum and Galleries Month.  This includes all the 14 branches and their flagship museums in Manila:  the National Art Gallery (former Old Legislative Building), Museum of the Filipino People (former Old Finance Building), and National Planetarium. During regular days the entrance fee visiting here costs P150.00 for adults.  When I went there earlier this year, I am enthralled to see Juan Luna's paintings especially the "Spoliarium" and also a lot of wrecks from sunken ships. But I notice there are a lot of vacant slots in the museum that could have been used to add more stuff of historical value and also a touch of modern technology I think will make it more appealing to the younger audience not just the old - and old fashioned.
Ok so what is with the National Museum of the Philippines? I am borrowing the exact words of its definition from its official Facebook Fan Page: "The National Museum of the Philippines or NM is a government agency museum that includes research and conservation programs within the museum and throughout the archipelago. The museum houses three buildings in Manila; The Museum of the Filipino People, The National Art Gallery and the National Planetarium that are repositories of the natural and cultural history of Filipinos and our environment. The collection ranges from thousands of years ago to the present. In addition, there are 19 branches of the NM located in all regions of the country, representing the origins and visual representations of Philippine culture."

For more details you may check their official website here and Facebook Fan Page here

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