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The Path to a Location - Independent Lifestyle

A celebrity's life is described as an "open book" because everything he does is documented by media. In my case If I am to describe my life - it has become an "open blog". I remember when I started this blog end of 2009, I barely knew what to write about. Four years after this blog transformed me to a person I never  thought in my childhood I would be - a budding entrepreneur seeking her way to a location - independent lifestyle. This transformation is so humongous that no matter what I will never be the same again. 

And please mark my words: years from now more people like me will be quitting their most stable jobs,  unfinish  (if there's a word such this) their doctoral/masteral degree and leave their comfort zones. 
These people won't fancy  high - paying jobs from top companies instead they will start building something out of their passion and skills combined. Even if they have to start from scratch. 

Even if there's a day they earn a lot from it, there's a day they have none and a day they have nothing left then start again. The result is a life full of uncertainty and adventures. They will work without a boss, not a slave of alarm clocks and their office is everywhere. Their work principle is no longer find the one who is the best to carry this task but it is all in the name of collaboration. It is all about sharing of ideas, talents and resources. They will find love at their own time and at their own pace not driven by the pressures of the society and their biological age.

The trend has started
I know a number of fellow entrepreneurs, bloggers and travelers who traded their boring corporate career to start a business or be a freelance full - time. They are not afraid to go against all odds because they know more than savings and degrees combined, they can have work something out of their talents  and skills... ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

They can work anywhere and make money
Armed with an Internet connected laptop, tablet and smartphone they can work anywhere with their skills and make money. They will travel to different places - alone or with a companion, it does not matter to them.  They will meet a lot of people from different backgrounds in person not just a bunch compared to an employee working in an ordinary office. Their skin is a tanner than usual because they are out their living in the real world not imprisoned within a workstation. They are often seen at coffee shops, coworking spaces and various events to meet more for collaboration. They don't spend much to luxurious things except those gadgets I have mentioned previously because those are as essential as food and water to them. They can practically cannot leave without these. They are most likely founders/co-founders of a tech startup, mobile app, non - profit organization,  a social enterprise ,a volunteer organization etc.

The perils and sacrifices on my way
Of course choosing a location - independent lifestyle is not always adventures! Rather it is all about being courageous and not losing hope when moments you fear come your way.  When I left my 8 year old job, I set aside a cash enough for me to go on with my life for at least six months able to pay my bills and needs even if I am literally I am unemployed.  But unexpected expenses happen and I ran out of cash. Good thing, this travel  blog and shop sustained me to get by. Since I went full - time I have closed sales a little more. I know I can't make money as much as my previous salary now that I just started, my goal is to reach at least 75% of it. Also my monthly rent in Manila eats a big chunk of my expenses. Literally, having a location - independent lifestyle means i can do my stuff ANYWHERE. It seems it is a waste of money to keep on paying the rent when I will no longer stay there most of the time. BUUUUT, I need to go back to Manila from time to time for meetups, gatherings and so on. I need a Manila address where my credit card billing statement and a lot more to be sent. I need to have an address in the city because I have a legitimate business. Plus the contributions such as SSS, PAG - IBIG, Philhealth and the likes are boggling my mind how to do it myself because before  these are automatically deducted to my payroll form. 

The joys and rewards waiting
There is nothing more fulfilling than doing something you enjoyed so much that earning out of it is only a second priority. It is priceless when you start something out of nothing, witness it progress over time until it changes you for good then it benefits other people. "So Rona, what will you do then for the rest of your life, just sell tour packages?" Well what is wrong with selling tours for life like what is selling taho for life? Those are legally fine businesses! I think what is only wrong with it if a day comes that a business owner or a an entrepreneur stops evolving and refuses to accept changes. Time will come a lot of copycats will follow. The business model of this is very simple. One can never be on top forever. As soon as I cover the whole Philippines, I aim to build a startup and a mobile app out of this. I will also dig deeper in the industry of online marketing such that involves social media, search engine optimization and marketing. 

Tomorrow I will start packing my bags for my flight on Oct 22nd back to Manila.  Then on the 24th night I will bring my mom to Ilocos. This is a free trip as a gift by one of my partner travel agencies for a good job done by yours truly. It comes with free roundtrip van, free accommodation, travel insurance and free tour for 3 days and 2 nights. It's retail value is worth P8, 400 for two! My adventure has started.  Keep on checking my blog for more update!

Hi there :) My name is Maria Rona Beltran, the Founder of this travel blog and shop - Travel Maria you are reading right now. I want to stay connected to you to a lot of other ways so I am sharing you other social media accounts.  See y'all online soon:)

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