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3 Tips to caring for your air conditioner unit

Your air conditioner is a very important part of your home cooling and heating system. As such, it is important that one understands how this unit works so that they can take appropriate care of it. When you take appropriate care of the air conditioning unit, you will for sure make it last much longer. You will also ensure that it is operating efficiently as this is one of the best ways that you can save on your electricity costs. When you want to take care and maintain your air conditioning unit properly, the best thing to do is read its operations manual. You can also search online for some tips on how to take care of the unit. The right time to apply the tips so researched is just before the cooling season begins. The HVAC system consists of a furnace, a heat pump or an AC. The unit will also have an evaporator and a blower for the interior unit and a compressor and a condenser coil for the exterior unit. As such, when you are doing research on the tips, you have to ensure both units are catered for. In this article, we shall discuss some tips you can use for your air conditioner maintenance.

Here are 3 tips to caring for your air conditioner unit: 1. Changing air filter and examining components and wirings To keep your AC working efficiently, you need to ensure that the filter is checked and replaced regularly. During the active seasons, you should ensure the filter is changed every month. Another very important thing that should be done is the examination of the components and wiring. You should always turn off the power before you go about this examination. The outdoor unit should also be disconnected for this purpose. You should then remove the condenser panel and check for any signs of overheating, melted insulation, and any wires that look burned. If you notice any of the above problems, you can either replace the components on your own or call an experienced HVAC expert to do the work for you. 2. Condenser fan unit and the thermostat The thermostat regulates the temperature of the unit. This should be checked to ensure that it is working right for the best results. If you have an older type of thermostat, maybe you should think of replacing it with one that can be programmed. The condenser unit fan should also be checked to ensure that it is working fine. If the AC is the old type, then it could need oiling for the fan motor. Check that the blades do not have any cracks. If they do, you can change them for efficiency in the cooling of the condenser. 3. Clean the outside of the unit Make sure that you have cleaned the units to ensure that they are efficient in their functioning. It is possible for dirt, leaves, grass clipping and other debris to clog the unit. It could also cause reduced air flow. A garden hose can be used to clean the exterior unit. Trim all shrubs around the unit to ensure that airflow is unhindered.

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