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When You Get Sick From All That Traveling

Going on vacation is probably the ultimate way to destress from the daily mundanes of our life. I can't stress enough how important it is to break from the monotony of life. Nowadays, traveling is not only for rich people. Because of low airfares and incredible amount of information of DIY travels, anyone can just do it. However, going to a new place also exposes us to uncertainties. I know a friend who got sick after going home from a three-week Dubai vacation. A relative also developed some serious rashes all over her body when she spent her holiday vacation in one of Japan’s town that’s covered with thick snow.

For any unavoidable circumstances in life specially getting sick, I would like to introduce YGC Corporate Services Incorporated. One of its benefits is the daily hospital income benefit. The amount to claim depends on the plan option chosen multiplied by the number of days confined. So if you enrolled under Plan 3,000 and was confined for 10 days, claim amount is P30,000.

Hospitalization bills can empty the pockets of all of the family members of the patient. The rising cost of medicines aren’t controllable - it is always best to be prepared. I have heard so many times of sad stories of selling their properties that they have acquired for years of working like house, lot, car and more just to pay the bills in the hospital. Don’t be that fool.

How to choose a reliable health insurance company for your travel needs
Check how long is that company been providing services to its clients. YGC Corporate Service has been around since 1999 offering insurance packages such as health protection, life & accident, credit card protection, car protection, home protection and travel protection. It’s a bonafide member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies. Malayan Insurance and Sun Life Grepa Financial are two of its biggest partners.

If you're going to ask me, I always go for companies like YGC Corporate Service Inc. who is nearly two decades old in this business. Follow their social media accounts to stay connected and if you have questions they are just a message away. If you have more questions that this post cannot answer, it is better to get in touch personally.

Please see below more information about YGC Corporate Service Inc. (YGC CSI):
Address: RCBC Plaza G/F Drop-Off Area - VIP Lounge 6819 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., corner Ayala Ave. Makati City
Contact number: (02) 894-2890


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