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3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out

wedding invitation ideas

A wedding invitation does more than just informing your family and friends that you have an event. It also provides a glimpse into what your guests should expect on your great day. Moreover, it can set the tone for your service providers such as the d├ęcor company to know what they can use best for the occasion.

If the guests only know you or your spouse, then an invitation card can help them understand the couple’s style as a unit. Everyone loves to get an idea of what to anticipate when coming for your event, and your invitation can speak volumes about this.

Do you want your guests to be excited about your wedding? Then create a unique invitation that reflects the event in a captivating manner. Here are some few tips that can make any wedding invite stand out from the rest.

1.    Choose Unique Materials
One of the key things to focus on when creating your wedding invitations is the materials you are going to use. You shouldn’t go for the cheapest options available because they could be of a compromised quality. This can reflect very poorly on your event. However, do not go overboard here.

On the other hand, if calligraphy learning resources are not a problem, you can go for original options such as wood and wrought iron. You’ll add an element of class to your wedding invitations and leave an indelible mark if you use unique materials.

2.    Choice of Printing Method
It’s important to know the available printing methods. There are several choices in this area, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for a more personal feel or a throwback to quintessential wedding invitations, then try your hand at penmanship. There are a number of websites to learn calligraphy from for free.

You can also choose digital printing, foil stamping, letterpress, or engraving. If you would like your invitations to look more personal, then use your own writing on a template. Each of these methods is unique and can make a great difference in the design and feel of your invitations. Just make sure that you choose a method that isn’t too expensive.

3.    Make Use of Return Address Labels
For a more professional look on your mailings, use return address labels. They also make the whole process of mailing and returning much easier. When using these labels, there are some basic decorum rules that you’re supposed to follow.

Although it is okay to include your return address on the front of an envelope, putting it on the back flap makes it more discreet and acceptable. Moreover, it is good to identify the person that should receive the response cards. Traditionally, the host receives them. However, you may choose how your case is going to be.

Your wedding invitations can go beyond just informing your guests about the event. All you need to do is be more creative while at the same time take costs into consideration. You don’t have to spend much to create excitement and great expectation in your guests. Just choose the proper printing method and use distinctive materials and return address labels.

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