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Viva Manila's Intramuros Pasyal Sunday 2014

Viva Manila, a citizen-led project to revive Manila is organizing a monthly, free car free event that features local artisans, performers, and neighborhood businesses in the aim of reviving the livability and creativity of Old Manila neighborhoods, as well empowering local skills and talent dubbed as Pasyal Sundays.

This summer it will be held on March 16, April 27, and May 25, 2014 along General Luna Street, Intramuros. The March edition's theme is "Speak Out!" wherein we will be hosting an open poetry slam, as well as various workshops, and performances to encourage sharing of thoughts, ideas, and opinions that can hopefully inspire others to know and care more about Manila and the people in it. For more information you can check their Facebook Fan Page here.--------
Let me share you the list of their events:

MARCH 14. 15 and 16 
(Friday. Saturday and Sunday)

March 14
Free Performance of Jean Paul Sartre's "No Exit" at the Rajah Sulayman Theater inside Fort Santiago. 730pm

March 15
@98BCollaboratory and the Cultural Center of the Philippines will both have art markets on Saturday March 15. CCP Art Market will be at the Cultural Center of the Philippines itself on Roxas Boulevard while 98B COLLABoratory will have it’s Saturday FUTURE market on Escolta after the Jones Bridge. 

March 16 
Go look at cool pretty things at CITEM F.A.M.E at SMX. Then wander off to the PASINAYA Free Theater Festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and cap the day at the super fun amazing INTRAMUROS Pasyal Sunday STREET FAIR on Gen. Luna Street, Intramuros. (Photo)

Please never forget to bring your camera and make sure your smartphone is full - charged, I swear there's gonna be a million reason to take photos of every single thing there for your Instagram.

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