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Wego's Life - changing Travel Blogging Contest

There's an ongoing blogging contest led by Wego, 
a travel metasearch website based in Singapore. It invites every blogger to share their life - changing story on how travel changed their life for good.  My entry "From Fried Frog Legs to Founding an Online Travel Shop" only took me 4 hours or equivalent of the whole afternoon to finish it. Sharing my life - changing story is not new to me. As a matter of fact last year, I was once featured in a local magazine sharing the same story. 

I think this time the only difference is this is a continuation of a story that keeps on evolving along the way as an online entrepreneur and a person who is trying to make a difference. Wego's grand prize to the ultimate winner is P100, 000! The contest aims to fund the  winner's next life - changing travel around the Philippines and at the same time promote our local tourism.


I am very confident to say that I have one of the best entries submitted. I would like also to comment the organizers for not making this entirely a popularity - sort of contest. They focused more on the story's substance, creativity and writing style. Only 10% of the judging criteria is about the "shareability" of the entry.

If I win this, I will continue to backpack Philippines for three months straight from Batanes to Sulu. I plan to visit  as much as may provinces I can along the way. I have seen a number of male travel bloggers who has done this already.  In every province they visit, they make a blog post of how to get there and what to see blah, blah. 

Now in my case, I will put a twist. Instead of doing the same stuff, I will share my own travel story more. This is my adventure right? I will highlight more the experiences I am going to encounter every step of the way whether it is about that annoying delayed flight or an unforgettable local dish somewhere.  The highlight of my trip will not just the places but more of the people I will meet along the way. It could be a local who can offer me a home for the night or a fellow traveler who can teach me how to surf or make yoga poses.

The biggest challenge here is me travelling for months while running an online travel shop. I really could not stay in a remote place no matter how mesmerizing it is for more than a day if there's no mobile signal or wifi connection because I will be running a business. I will allot half of the total price which is P50, 000 for this trip. The rest will be spent buying a sturdy backpack bag I can use for the longest time, an SLR camera to capture sunsets  I am dying to see soon and a cheap small laptop to help me connected online. 

The deadline of the entries is on March 21, 2014. Hope the one who has the best life - changing travel story wins! .So there you go I am inviting everyone to please share and like my entry found in the official Facebook Fan Page of Wego.  And yes please a little prayer will do. 

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