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Overwhelmed as the Summer starts

Summer has officially started! This is an announcement from PAG - ASA I heard via a tv station yesterday. Summer, for those who work in the tourism industry means more money since this is one of the peak season aside from Christmas that a lot of people go on a vacation.  

I am expecting not just double but triple workload  because I have added a few more tours as well.  Actually the total number of hours I spent online  recently for a day has increased for another 1- 2 hours. I now spend an average of 6-7 hours per day!   Now that does not count the hours I spend on my mobile. My eyes are glued in my smartphone always.

But boy I so love every single second of what I do now. Because I can work anywhere and anytime I want to.   My three  most favorite newly added in my list  are Batanes tour (the only one in the Philippines I am dying to visit), Baler tour (I wanna learn how to surf) and El Nido, Palawan (world - class beach paradise where I spent my birthday in 2013).  My top goal for 2014 is to cater to wider diverse types of people going on a tour not just the young and adventurous ones.     I think I just attained that goal  one step closer.

 I just added three most known local festivities particularly in Manila : Pahiyas, Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival and Visita Iglesia.  For culture and heritage buff, the Pahiyas tour is for them. For aviation fanatics, the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival is the best for them. For Catholic pilgrims this Holy Week, the Visita Iglesia is perfect for them.  I have also started doing walking tours particularly Binondo as a food tour. I am also looking to organize mountain climbing and a lot more...

This move also meant adding more travel partners I can collaborate with. I tell you it takes a certain degree of trust for businesses to spend their time to a smaller business owner like me.  At the end of the day, I have to close a sale for them. There's really no other way. If not, they won't give a damn. We are talking about business here. This is reality.  

Every single thing here that I mentioned are all from my own vision - from concept planning, to finding the right people and execution.  No part was easy.  For how many times I planned to quit but this is the only thing I have now. I can't have my 8 year old job again. And if ever there is a chance, will never let myself go to my old life. It was all boring. It is killing me softly for doing the same thing over and over again.  

I was asked by a friend how do I make stuffs work? I replied, "I just  TRY things no matter how it seems unachievable, I make sure I do it. If it works fine. I am thankful. If it's not then I move forward."  I have met a lot of people who does not see me capable to do business with. I don't know but this entrepreneurial spirit inside has taught me not to take too much negativity. I feel sad for some time then after, I don't feel bad at all. Even in my personal life, I have learned how to let go and don't let  the downside of failure take over.   Of course I am still prone to mistakes but I have become open - minded to so many possibilities.

When I can't figure out something on how to solve it, I just let the "wind and the spirits" take care of it. If I am to decide all of what is going to happen in my life right now, I am sure it is not going to be just right. Because I as a human, base my decisions to my feelings, past experiences and limited knowledge...  sometimes or most of the time we have to let time do it for us. 

I am literally overwhelmed about so many grateful improvements of this online travel shop has achieved recently. I wish to show numbers and statistics but I have to protect each of our own interests (my travel partners and me). Surely, there's gonna be the right time and right place to do that. For now I am just so happy because I get to do what I love the most.