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San Benon Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort Entrance Fee and Overnight Fee

san benon mateo hot and cold spring resort irosin sorsogon

San Benon Resort is one of the most famous hot and cold spring resort in Irosin, Sorsogon. In fact, this is one of our favorite swimming destination since childhood days. Do you wonder if there is an active/fully updated San Benon Hot and Cold Spring resort Facebook page? Sorry, none. Even the mentioned FB page on this poster is not even an FB page but an FB personal account that has no recent posts. Friends from afar are always asking me how to contact them and how much are the fees so I went there myself and asked for the price list. 

san benon hot spring irosin sorsogon

Now rebranded as Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort, locals still call this place simply as San Benon. It is now owned and operated by ARAMARU Resort Corporation. If you want to read my old blog review about Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort including its old rates if you wanna compare to the new ones, click HERE.

"UPDATE: Entrance fee per person is now Php 100 and it is now required to get a cottage that costs Php 500"

San Benon entrance fee for swimming

Day swim (6am-5pm) Php 65

Night swim (5pm-10pm) Php 75

Children below 4 feet Php 25

Children 3 feet and below FREE

San Benon cottage rental fee

Small cottage 20 pax Php 250

Big cottage 30 pax Php 350

Cottage #9 & #41 35 pax Php 500

Cottage #12 30 pax Php 600

Cottage #17 - #10 40 pax Php 800

Cabana open 40 pax Php 700

Cabana with fan #1 45 pax Php 1, 000

Cabana with fan #2 45 px Php 1, 100

Paulina 60 pax Php 1, 600

San Benon Room rates  

Aircon Room for 2 pax

Overnight 12 hours (6pm-6am) Php 1, 200

Overnight of 1 day (2pm-12nn) Php 2 , 200

Family room for 5 pax

Overnight 12 hours (6pm-6am) Php 3, 000

Overnight of 1 day (2pm-12nn) Php 5 , 000

Aircon Room for 4 pax

Overnight 12 hours (6pm-6am) Php 1, 800

Overnight of 1 day (2pm-12nn) Php 2 , 800

Aircon Room for 3 pax

Overnight 12 hours (6pm-6am) Php 1, 500

Overnight of 1 day (2pm-12nn) Php 2 , 500

Closing time

Weekdays 11pm

Weekends 12mn





Rates and dates may vary without prior notice

San Benon Irosin Contact hours 8am-5pm

San Benon contact person Jovy O Fuellas 


San Benon, Brgy. Monbon, Irosin, Sorsogon

Contact numbers: 09925873229/09925873299

FB Page: Aramaro Sanbenon

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  1. Good day..We are group of 9 from Iriga City. We are schedule for overnyt stay in ur resort on June 23-24. Can you help us by sending more details please?