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The Philippines hosts some of the world’s greatest animal migrations

National Geographic's Great Migrations documentary to be shown every Sunday this whole month of November  is about animals' fierce moves in the name of survival. The Philippines hosts some of the world's greatest animal migrations including that of thousands of humpback whales, sea turtles, whale sharks, and wild birds every year when winter starts. "Humpback whales come to the Babuyan Islands from as far away as Alaska’s Bering Sea, in order to calve. Migratory birds from Japan, Korea, and China come to feed at the Candaba Marsh in Pampanga, Olango Island in Cebu, the Agusan Marsh in eastern Mindanao, and the dozens of other Philippine ‘refueling stations’ along the East Asian Flyway.” says Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan, CEO/Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, WWF-Philippines.

He adds, “In the global theater of animal migrations, our archipelago is a major destination. The Philippines plays a key role in ensuring the survival of some of the world’s most vulnerable and endangered species. Great Migrations is tagged as the most ambitious documentary in 122-year history of the National Geographic Society. It is  seven-part global television program that features the difficult journeys millions of animals embark on to ensure the survival of their species .  Every 9pm it features Born to Move, Need to Breed, Race to Survive, and Feast or Famine – four one-hour episodes that focus on incredible animal journeys, the reasons for their great migrations, and the overwhelming challenges they face.

Check these sites for more details: Click the City and Picture from National

National Geographic's Thirty Rare Images of the Philippines (1898-1966))

Scroll down to see the images


Currently displayed in Trinoma are thirty (30) rare images of the Philippines captured by the National Geographic camera lenses from 1898-1966. Images are mostly about the everyday life of different tribes and their culture, untouched by a Facebook-driven world of today and what the Philippines is, as the second richest country in Asia around 1950’s.


National Geographic Society or the National  Geographic  is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world. It started as a club for an elite group of academics and wealthy patrons interested in travel, 122 years ago. Gardiner Greene Hubbard became its first president and his son-in-law, Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone succeeded him in 1897 following his death.


National Geographic, has given grants for scientific researches and has recently awarded its 9,000th grant for scientific research conducted worldwide. Two of its most popular aided researches are Robert Ballad’s Titanic wreck findings and Jane Goodal’s Chimpanzee studies. Its trademark logo is a yellow portrait frame which is usually seen around the edge of the flagship National Geographic Magazine cover. This magazine is translated to 32 languages and has 50 million readers worldwide. National Geographic is located in Washington, D.C. where they maintain a museum free for the public.

National Geographic has ventured many endeavors such as book publishing, television, film, music, radio, museum exhibits, digital media and an annual International Geography contest for middle-school students.  Known as supporter of scientific projects, National Geographic is one of the international partners and consultants of the well-anticipated and first ever world class museum in the Philippines, The Mind Museum in Taguig which is scheduled to open last quarter of next year. This museum is also launching campaigns in search of volunteers, assistance particularly financial, hope we have inspired someone to be.

Here are a few photos taken from the exhibit:

Bogobo Man

Caption will be added soon

Dead Ifugao girl

Sultan of Sulu has Many Wives


Caption be added soon

This exhibition is presented to you by The Mind Museum, a science museum project of the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. and its institutional partner, The National Geographic Channel.

Exhibition dates and venues (2010):

October 3-4 Greenbelt 5
October 7-10 Glorietta
October 21-24 TriNoma
November 12-14 Bonifacio High Street

The Mind Museum's The Philippines Through National Geographic Lenses (1898-1966) Photo Exhibit

Thirty (30) rare images of the Philippines from the archives of the National Geographic Magazine from 1898 to 1966 are  formally opened to the public last Oct. 3 - 4 at Greenbelt 5, Makati. These images reflect the Philippines rich culture especially featured are tribes' traditions and practices. Known personalities like filmmaker/writer Jose Javier Reyes nd Urban Zone show host Daphne Oseña-Paez joined the event and the young-looking people behind The Mind Museum - the first class museum to open in the Philippines next year 2011.

This photo exhibit sponsored by the National Geographic Channel will be displayed to Ayala Malls from Oct. 7 - 10 at Glorietta, Oct. 21 - 24 at Trinoma and Nov. 12 - 14 at Bonifacio High Street. Individuals who cannot afford to help financially can devote their time and skills by signing up as volunteers. For as little as P1,000 anyone can donate and help build The Mind Museum by sponsoring their virtual exhibits. Names of the donors are mentioned in their website and will receive an electronic "Donor's Certificate" via email and when The Mind Museum opens, it will be included in the Donors' Marker in their galleries.

The Mind Museum's vision is to give the next generation the wings to fly against the challenge of a future shaped by service  and technology. The Mind Museum’s state of the art design will feature Five Galleries: 1. The Story of the Universe, 2. The Story of the Earth, 3. The Story of Life, 4. The Story of the Atom and 5. The Story of Technology. The Mind Museum will  feature over 250 interactive exhibits and will include a park where people can continue their science fascination outdoors. Only ninety percent of this P1 billion project has been raised and The Mind Museum is looking for individuals, groups or companies that can help them in many ways. To visit their website, this is the link:

A Few Snapshots of the Event

Come and See: The World’s Biggest Baby!

Its heart is a size of the car. It is heavier than the 25 adult elephants combined. It is bigger than the biggest dinosaur. Its tail is the width of a small aircraft’s wingspan. It consumes an average of four tons of tiny shrimp-like animals in one day, equivalent of 64,000 hamburgers. It releases a spray from its blowhole as trall as a two-storey building. It can reach a speed of km/h. It has existed for 18 million years already. It can live for at least 80 years… The great blue whale is the LARGEST creature that has ever lived on Earth... It is now ENDANGERED.

Currently displayed in the lobby of Ground Floor Glorietta 5, this place is the first ever home of this “life-sized” image of a baby blue whale only 2 months old but already bigger and longer than a bus! It will stay for a week or so and then will move to another mall so as to give way to more people to watch this another intellectually-designed by God as a worthy example of His wit beyond the understanding of mankind. This is quoted from the pamphlet given during the show.

Thru the efforts of the National Geographic Channel TV which is currently showing some unprecedented coverage and in-depth scientific researches of this creature, this is aimed to re-ignite one of the innate characteristics of humans: the love and care for his fellow creatures that has been blessed with the grace of life. Of course if there is life, there is death too. According to *Deone, one of the guides and giving some pamphlets, it is rare that this creature is found among the Philippine waters. Our nearby seas’ climate and environment might have some differences with those of American’s and Australian where these are usually found.

This is most of the time when mentioned, another big oh less bigger if compared to the first – the whale sharks or our very own butandings. Though I came from the same province where this creature is the symbol of the town’s tourism and created a myriad of jobs for the people, it really is a pity but I haven’t been there. But, a big BUT, I would definitely watch this butanding in the waters personally which according to my American boss who has been there himself its mouth is as wide as when you spread your arms in 180 degrees. How much more is the blue whale?

Now imagine these creatures if they’re full-pledged carnivores, like they eat flesh as in human flesh. But look at how God, how he perfectly plans all the things in His time. He had eradicated these gigantic fire-blowing dragons up the air and flesh-eating dinosaurs on the land. What he purposely left is a gigantic creature but he let it dwell in the waters so it can’t create havoc to the people. Instead of blowing fire , this is blowing water which a sight to behold. A symbol of hope and life for everyone.

Now threatened to be endangered, there is still hope for the young generations and future one’s not to see this just on pictures and films but as a creature which has a life and deserves to dwell in this shared world like another creatures regardless of it’s size.

* These activity is brought also by the Ayala Malls And The Mind Museum at Taguig.

FYI: This museum is believed to be the country's first world-class science museum. It is however under construction and is expected to be finished in 2011.
This is privately-owned he clarified. He also added that this museum has just reached the 85% of it's target fund to have have this plan be put into life.
That is why they are looking for donors if not helpers in any kind or service.

On the pamphlet they gave us, anyone can help thru Time, Talent and Treasure.
Depends on the state of your life and what you prefer to share:

My Time: (I can help by doing volunteer work for The Mind Museum when needed.)
My Talent: (I can share my talent/knowledge to anything related to making a
science museum.)
My Treasure: I can contribute some money to help buil the science museum our
country deserves.)

It's up to you guys... what do you want to share? :)