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Philippines as one of the 25 Best Trips For 2010…

Whew! While some of our fellow kababayans are dying to book either an Asian or European tour trips to see the beauty, a known international and famous travel website based in California
that features great spots around the world has acknowledged Philippines, our beloved
country as one of the 25 Best Trips For 2010.

Honestly, first thing I heard about it. I did stopped for a while and think of what?
Where? Really? I admit I only personally know a handful of some world-class spots
in my own country. But then I (crossing fingers) would love to appreciate these spots myself and hopefully from our fellow kababayans who first should learn how to appreciate what we have or should I say what we have alone.

This is the excerpt of their featured trip:

"This May the outfit will lead clients high into the 4,000-foot Cordillera Central, then deep into the world’s most biodiverse marine environment. The trip begins in Banaue, where travelers spend days hiking into terraced mountains and nights back at the town’s namesake hotel (pine cabins, private balconies, killer views). Then it’s down to the island of Cabilao, trading butterflies for fish� species of them. For the next five days, you’ll bob around reefs, scanning the area’s 350 varieties of coral (including table coral that’s a whopping nine feet wide). But don’t forget: The best snorkeling starts at dusk. “It’s like being in a train station during commuting hours,” says Barbara Banks, Wilderness Travel’s director of new trip development. “The day fish are moving out and the night creatures like octopuses and eels are moving in.”

And guess what, it would take at least 12 days and almost $3000 (that's around P160,000+) to get this.

Check out their site:

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