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Guide To Renew US Visa (B1/B2 Tourist) in Manila, Philippines

how to renew us visa b1 b2  tourist in manila philippines

Do you want to know how to renew US B1/B2 visa through Interview Waiver?  Check this out. This is not the official guide but more of sharing a personal experience of someone who has done it succesfully like Ish Cocjin Duque. All the steps about how to renew US visa B1/B2 is in the official website of US embassy in Manila and nothing better could replace what's written there but then again if you want how others are doing it, kindly read Ish's thoughts about this. She received her renewed B1/B2 visa just 15 days after droppoing it off in the nearest LBC branch.

Requirements to renew B1/B2 US visa 

  • You have B1/B2 visa valid for ten (10) years 
  • Your visa is still valid or has expired within the last 48 months (4 years) 
  •  You have your old passport with B1/B2 visa 
  •  You have the same name, birthday, and gender in your visa. (I attached my original PSA birth certificate and marriage certificate to the printed application form because I am now using my married surname) 
  • Visa was issued on or after your 14 birthday 
  •  The date your visa was approved prior to renewal request  
  • You have not requested for extension or change of status through USCIS 

Steps to renew B1/B2 US visa 

1. Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application DS-160 form. Click HERE to access this form.  

  • The form is pretty long. You can answer those details you want first, save it then continue finishing but make sure to do it within 30 days. It is totally fine if you do not have specific travel plan.
  • · You need to upload a photo based on their requirements. At first, it was a bit tiring to prepare the photo with exact specifications from them resulting to unsuccesful uploading that is why at at the ned of my online application to getting my US B1/B2 tourist renewal visa, it says I need to submit 2 copies of of 2x2 photo.  Good thing I got it right after many tries!  Then save and print your DS-160 Confirmation number and page.

2. Pay the visa application fee which is $160 until end of May 2023. By June 2023 it will increase to $185. Click HERE to access this link to pay this fee  Take note: only in RCBC you can pay over the counter. Do not forget to keep 2 printed copies of the USA VISA fee deposit slip. 

3. Create an account in US TRAVEL DOCS Portal. Click HERE to get your own account. If you have an old account, then just log in to it. 

Once logged in:  
Click New Application > Nonimmigrant Visa > Business/Tourism > B1/B2 Visitor for business & pleasure · Complete Passport Details, Contact Info & Mailing Address · 

You will be asked about the qualifications I listed above one by one.Your answers should be ALL YES. If you are a married woman and you are now using the surname of your husband, still the answer is yes to the question if you have changed your surname. 

If there is at least one No in your answer, you will be automatically directed to the calendar page to choose interview appointment schedule. 

At this point, you should have already paid the visa fee because you will include your receipt number in the US Travel docs portal. After that, download and print the Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter.  

Before going to LBC, make sure you have all these:
  • Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter 
  • DS-160 Confirmation Page 
  • Valid Passport 
  • Old Passport with B1/B2 Visa 
  • Two 2x2 photos 

After ten days she received an email from USTRAVELDOCS asking for her delivery address. She received her passport within 2 days after replying to the email sent to her. Note that this is the only email that US Embassy sends. If you lack any of the requirements above, they won't email you so please make sure you are equipped with all the information and of course the list of requirements to submit for the renewal of your US B1/B2 tourist visa here in Manila, Philippines.

Frequently asked questions about renewing US B1/B2 tourist visa (in Filipino/Tagalog)

1. If  magkasama po sa interview waiver iyong application, magkahiwalay pa rin po ba iyong pag drop sa lbc? 
opo magkakahiwalay😁ang buong akala ko po since family application isang php440 lang..ang dahilan po ng staff ng LBC ay mag kaka iba kasi ng UMID per applicant. And yun yung system nila ever since..kaka submit/drop box ko lang po last May 23, 2023.
2. Kelan po itong magkakasama sa isang package pag family application? And saang LBC branch po? Ty po.
- Dapat magkakahiwalay ng package at bayad sa LBC per member of the family kahit family application sya.
3. Hello, kelangan ba talaga na mag-upload ng pictures sa last part ng application?
Try mo lang mag upload. Tapos pag failed talaga it will instruct you to submit two 2x2 photos sa drop off.
4. My 10year visa expired a year ago, di ko napansin , diko naalala to check naka 10years na pala. Before the pandemic i used to travel with my family once a year , minsan twice sa U.S. so i can say i used my visa a lot naman. Question po, did you submit pa din po the usual na hinihingi dati? bank statements , properties in your name ( if you have) employment cert or in my case kasi i have my own lil' business so mga mayor's permit mga dinala ko.
- NO need for other docs such as banks statements, properties and COE. Ito lang basic na kailangan sa LBC: 1. Interview Waiver Confirmation Letter 2. DS-160 Confirmation Page 3. Valid Passport 4. Old Passport with B1/B2 Visa 5. Two 2x2 photos  
5. Should I also need to request visa stamp replacement if nag change na ako ng name (married)? Old visa stamp (2027 expiry) was on my old passport. Renewed it and change my last name.
My new passport has my married surname already while my old passport with visa was still in my unmarried name. I did not process any visa stamp.
6. Sa renewal application po ba tinatanong if you have relatives or friends in the USA and their contact number and address?
Yes, tinatanong. Kailangan ilagay name, address and contact number of relative/friend in the US.
7. Did you place the requirements inside an envelope? Or diretso na po sa pouch ng LBC?
- Diretso na sa LBC pouch.
8. If your visa expired more than 4 years, di na yun for renewal?
- I think so kasi NO na yung ilalagay mong sagot dun sa question na yun. For interview appearance appointment na sya.

Once again, we would like to thank Ish for sharing her experience in renewing her US B1/B2 tourist visa. She gave her permission to post this here. If you have more questions, you may reach Ish on her FB profile link HERE.

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