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No Travel Assignment For This September

Decided not to take any travel assignment for this September due to my "being extremely business. I did think about it how many times but I just can't really squeeze in between another out of town trip because it is going to eat a considerable amount of my time. I am however focusing solely on my trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. You see I feel so blessed for finding a sponsored another trip to a funky and socially responsible backpacker's hostel that will give me free accommodation and meals. I was not expecting anything good beyond that but during the course of my conversation to the contact person, he offered me to pay back the 95% of the flight that I booked and paid for myself. 

In exchange of ten articles for a minimum of 500 words he gave me topics to write which are guides when you go to Phnom Penh, Cambodia - what to eat, where to stay, tours to do et cetera. These however since paid I am not allowed to post on my blog and should be shown in their official website. If I want I can put my name in the byline as the author. I hope that they will put my name as moving forward since I am seeing another path to take which is writing in the near future for a freelance career, this can be my sample I can submit to future employers.

To tell you frankly this is the first time I did a guide for a place I have never been before. I really never thought it is not gonna work.  But with the topics he suggested it was really easier for me to research it and of course reword it so that I don't have problems with plagiarism issue.

This also gave me an idea that I can actually write a simple guide to anywhere in the world that I have never been just by careful research. I will be looking forward to do this once I am free with my writing obligations to others.

I am already done with the 4th and 6 travel guides more to go. Once I am done I will write an article about how to write a travel guide to beginners and share my experience.  Guess what since I am writing a guide that is purely based on recommendations of others I was thinking it is going to be inferior, the good news is they liked the ones I write and even OFFERED ME TO MORE WRITING PROJECTS for a pay of up to $300!

And you know what, I am not even  done with the 10 articles but I already received the $200 via paypal he promised to pay.  If this is going to work out well then I think the idea of leaving my full time job that  I am no longer happy anymore is just around the corner.

Had I taken my travel assignment for this month, I would have visited General Santos - the home of Manny Pacquiao and big tunas. Anyway there's going to be next month for that. Hope to catch up.

Photo above is a sunrise I took from the window of the 24th floor condo where I live. 

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