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2015 Philippine Bloggys Award - A Philippine Blogging Award Giving Body

For my six years and counting of blogging, I have seen just a few award - giving groups for stellar bloggers here in the Philippines.  I have not seen one as big as this that I just came across - 2015 Philippine Bloggys Award which they call themselves as the "Philippines’ premiere blog awarding event is on its way to rummage the internet for the finest bloggers in the country".

They are expecting 500 bloggers to participate and glad that my application be included has been accepted.  The nomination process is still on going so I invite everyone to send over the links of their inspiring bloggers for their well - deserved award.

They also said that over 500 nominations have been received during the first week. The Awards Committee is in the process of validating these nominations. Owners of the nominated blogs will receive their notifications within the week. Also this is not just purely a by - nomination, some respected individuals in the field of blogging, social media and digital marketing will be also choose the winners.

The 2015 Philippine Bloggys Award is organized by lead by Paul Agabin. I remember him as the most funny, intelligent speaker in a digital marketing meetup I have joined a year ago. 

Please click here to nominate your chosen blog and blogger. 

Glad to be part of this :) 

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