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Back From Zamboanga City And 'Ridiculously" Preparing For My Cambodian Trip

I had a roller coaster ride in Zamboanga city where I spent my 6th travel assignment, The initial plan was to splurge in a gastronomic adventure but I ended up going outdoor to see the beach and heritage sites.  Also since my trip to Cambodia is really approaching, I have been busy ten times more each day. I have been communicating with the contact of my trip and he has been so generous to pay me for $200 (that meant covering almost 90% of my flight) in exchange of writing 10 guides each with a minimum of 500 words.  I am grateful for the offer and this is the one really "killing" my time so much as I have never really did a guide before. Well my blogging for my trips are also literally guides but the pressure is that I hope I can deliver a good content to them that is worth the pay.

Because of this and so many things sleep has gotten less and also rest. I always tell myself and pray "God I am sorry for pushing myself to the limits, because I know this is the only way out for me to fulfill my dreams".

I really hope that everything will be alright and this will be a stepping stone for somethin g better in terms of blogging and travel.  I really do hope that this will also open me more opportunities related to online job writing, travel guides and a lot more. I am really not happy with my full time work so I need to follow where my heart is for me to be happy.

By the way here is me, I was walking and joined a local catching some fish for his cat.  It feels so good because I have not tried to fish though my granddad and an uncle used to do this for a living. I never thought this will be a great experience!

I will be writing more about what to see in Zamboanga city I think in a month's time ,maybe when I got back from Cambodia or I don't know actually. Ahm I am so fully loaded with the writing assignment now. I have actually decided to not to get any travel assignment as there's too much in my plate this time.  

I have so much to tell but I have to cut this post for now here. Please wish me luck.


  1. Go ate rona. Tulog2 din pag may time ha. Nang ikay lumusog.hahahaha Vincent

  2. 10 travel guides w 500 words. wow. AngAlamat Ni EmpressRenli

  3. You can do it, that's what Deanna does - she writes a travel guide with each of her travel. Charity