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How To Get The New Computerized Postal ID, Requirements, How Much And Postal ID Branches

One of the strict requirements in the airport when leaving out of the country is having two valid ID's. Last May I lost all of my important identification cards when I was robbed. So I have no choice but get new ones and have to pay again! Here I will provide the step by step process of how to get the latest postal ID which is considered as one of the valid government ID's that will vouch your good record and identity. I will blog a separate post in the other ID I also processed the unification ID.

Due to no time to ask colleagues and friends I resorted to doing pure online search on how to get a postal ID. The one on the top search actually is not updated regarding the newest type of Postal ID now which is computerized. Goodbye to the old laminated postal ID and of course this also means more expensive fee to pay. The new postal ID card is hardbound like an ATM card and the UMID card. It's validity is valid for 3 years. 

Since this is a computerized type of ID, you DO NOT NEED TO HAVE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN like 2*2 or something. Your picture will be taken when you get there. I regretted this actually. I spent for Php60 only to find out that they don't accept photos taken outside their premises.

Here are the details I have learned:

Who can file for the computerized Postal ID card?

All Filipinos of any age, living here in the Philippines or abroad, are eligible to apply.
Philpost is working on to allow foreigners residing in the Philippines for at least 6 months to get a Postal Id soon.

Postal ID Card Requirements

NSO certified birth certificate or from the local registrar's office. Also any valid ID's such as the unification ID and billing statements that you are residing in a validated address. You can bring electricity bill, water bill, credit card statement and not expired passport.

Note for married women they must bring their Marriage Certificate to validate change of name from birth document and also for minors must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian. You also need to bring latest cedula and valid NBI clearance.

Postal ID Application Fees 

Postal ID + Delivery Fee Php 370
12% vat Php 44.44
Total Php 414.44

How to get the latest Postal ID card?
Fill out the application form 2 pieces from the nearby Post Office or download it from the official website of Phil Post here.

Schedule of Postal ID's release and delivery
It is 5 working days for Metro Manila address, 7 working days  for other major cities and municipalities and 15 working days for island provinces and remote barangays.

However the one who processed my Postal ID did not guarantee the 5 working days for Metro Manila residents saying this is not accurate. It can last up to 3 weeks! Hopefully I can get this before my flight . I applied last Sept  7 so she said I need to wait the latest on the 20th. I went to the Municipal Building, Maysilo Street, Mandaluyong since this is the city where I live but she said the processing will be done in the central Postal Office located at Liwasang Bonifacio in Ermita, Manila.

For reference, here is the link to the complete list of 260 Phil Post Branches around the Philippines.

She gave me a list of contact numbers to follow up the status of my Postal ID. Hope this helps too:

Landline: 535-2131, 5270151, 5270107 & 5275872
Mobile: 09985300520, 09173110923 & 09228327706

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