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TBEX Asia's First Ever Conference is in Bangkok, Thailand on Oct. 15 - 17, 2015

TBEX 2018

TBEX or Travel Bloggers Exchange, the world's largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, and and social media savvy travel industry professionals. will be holding their first ever conference in Bangkok, Thailand.  For the past few years I have been dreaming to join this and during those times the venues are always in the other sides of the world which is very impossible for me to be part of.

For the first time in Asia, TBEX will have its pilot conference in Thailand. For me who is a travel blogger, I would say that I am not a "fully-conferred" blogger in terms of travel until I become part of this.  I cannot imagine how many hundred folds of travel brands and fellow travel bloggers I will be able to get connected just by joining this. This is a FREAKING HUGE OPPORTUNITY to grow your connections.

Just that I have so much of (financial) accountability right now that I would need to let this pass this year unless a miracle happens.  Anyway to those  who very much can, good luck to you.  And if you have not made your mind yet, just read this below:

Why is TBEX The Most Talked About Event In The Travel Industry?
(Source: TBEXCON Asia)

TBEX is so much more than “just” two fantastic days of learning and networking. It’s an experience filled with memories that will last a life time.

TBEX brings together some of the most creative and talented people in the travel industry (that means you!) and provides a unique environment where magic happens.

TBEX is also about discovering new destinations, sharing new experiences and being entertained in ways you’ve only dreamt of… until now.

Imagine yourself in an amazing destination with a group of like-minded adventurers, colleagues and fellow travelers, experiencing the best a destination has to offer by people who are deeply passionate about the place they call home. If you’re in search of your next travel story, TBEX will help you find it.

From exciting night life and delicious food, to natural, pristine settings, and the most enlightening cultural excursions, TBEX will be an experience you will never forget.

See you in the next/coming TBEX events soon.

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