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My First- ever Youtube Video Speaking in Thai And Using Simply Learn Thai App

Ever since I got into travelling, not only did I hungered to see as much as many places around the world but also to learn each of the culture I see along the road. In order to get to know a country by heart and be able to mix in fast, one of the surest way is to learn how to speak the language of the place I visit. 

A few years back I remembered enrolling in a Spanish class for two reasons: I met a Spanish guy whom I got briefly interested and I am really wanting to score a job that involves using this language for a salary triple of what I am paid now here in Manila. After three months of struggle (location is quite far), I had to stop and so is this infatuation I realized is not worth it. Anyway  I did got a certificate of completion for the Level 1 added in my Linkedin and it feels great to at least now I can comprehend a bit of the language. 

Because of my hectic schedule as much as I want to I really couldn't afford enrolling to another language anymore.  That is why joining the Discover Thainess 2015 is such a challenge because I and my brother had to explore things we have never done before particularly filming videos. One of those is speaking Thai.

I have no Thai friend nor know any events that I can join to learn more of this country. What I did is I scoured online and found a post of a free app called Simply Learn Thai that teaches how to speak the most basic Thai phrases and conversations that are spoken every day.  From English it is translated to Thai but since they use a different set of alphabet, this app also provided a written translation that can be read using the alphabet we know. A voice of a girl also talks whenever you select any of the sentences for the correct pronunciation and accent.

The Simply Learn Thai app is divided into 3 parts: Phrases, Words and Quiz. The Phrases is composed of sentences usually used in basic conversation, greetings, directions & places, finding an accommodation, eating out, shopping, sightseeing, romance, emergency, time & date and water festival. The Words phrases gives word-to-word translation to numbers, colors, countries, family and time & date. To test your learning progress there are 10 questions to each of the 3 major parts.

I'd like to thank Khwanoi Kanyarat one of the founders of this app for helping me very kindly to translate real-time conversations that we need to use in the video. Simply Learn Thai is a free Thai language app that makes you learn Thai fast and simple. You can download it via

By the way, you may view one of our unedited and our very first try to speak Thai via Youtube.  Yay! I am learning every step of the way. Here are the first two videos we did: first video and second video.

Hmm... I am thinking of creating more videos in my travels next time for a change.

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  1. Hey Maria! Really like your Thai speaking, it sounds very fluent! although you should work on your tones a little bit ;)

    keep going, I hope you'll win the Discover Thainess Contest!