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Ways To Make Money and Travel the World

When I met Giancarlo Gonzales, founder of Tara Let's Go Asia,  a travel startup  that aims to help working professionals in both the Philippines and in other regions of Southeast Asia  to include travelling as part of career, personal growth, and family development, I said to him straight in the eyes "Your idea is [ridiculously] impossible." He answered back "There is always a way for someone who finds it." It is true really. When I started travelling locally last year with only 15 vacation leaves I could not believe I have been to Ilocos twice, Iloilo, Bacolod, Guimaras, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and went home for 32 hours in Bicol! I just came from a solo backpack trip from El Nido and Puerto Princesa Palawan for five nights and five days. Now my friends are telling me "Rona, are you not afraid you traveled alone? Did it cost you so much? " All I can reply back to them is "Gosh I have the best beach moments in my life there!" It is true indeed that unfortunately, not many in the Philippines have the opportunity to travel because they are always held back by two common factors - MONEY and TIME. If I may add, it is FEAR that stops us from trying something we haven't done.
But heck, we only have ONE and SHORT freakin life so why not make the most out of it???

As Tara Let's Go Asia describes itself:

Inspired by Meet Plan Go in the US, decided to prove these beliefs by showcasing  EXPERIENCES, TACTICS, and STEP BY STEP process of ordinary working professionals and how they TRAVELED THE WORLD.  You'll MEET like-minded, funny, inspiring and supportive ordinary working professionals in person. You'll get tools, tips, and how to's to PLAN your travels (including the all important where to get the money.). Find inspiration and strength to GO by hearing stories of other ordinary people like yourself. 

Tara Let's Go! Asia will have a pilot event about "Ways To Make Money and Travel the World" is collaboration of various entrepreneurs, full time travel bloggers, travel photographers and adventure seekers who wish to inspire, to support, and to guide YOU on the joys of travel. In this event, you will meet more of the people behind the Tara Let's Go! Asia Team. Just like yourself they went out of their comfort zones and went on their adventures of a lifetime! If you want to join the event please click here

In this event, you will learn:

8 Reasons You Should Break Up with Debt
Discover 46 ways to make money while traveling
How To Fund 10 Month Long Travel
How To Make Money With 50 Dollars
and many many more!

When: March 22, 2013
Time: 6:00PM to 10:00PM

For more information, you can easily go to their Facebook Fan page ( or visit

What I find so special about this is this will be held in a newly opened coworking space in Katipunan, QC. If you have NO idea what a coworking space is you may click here. am an advocate of entrepreneurship, coworking and collaboration so a place like this is really close to my heart.There is no way I will miss this event! See you there pips.

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