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Bitten by the Startup Bug!

If you will ask me how my last weekend went, well it was spent joining an event of startups on Saturday and on Sunday I personally met a founder of a startup of a passion close to my heart. Whew! I am now officially bitten by the startup bug big time! My friends ask me, Are you planning to build one? What made you got into this start-the-f*ck-up thingy? Do you know only one percent of these really become successful to a full - pledged company? My answers: first, why not If I have this to - die - for idea, second it 's a long story and third, I know but a lot of will "kill" just to belong to this one percent chance.  Allow me to share you the tidbits of these two wonderful startup events:

1.  Startups Unplugged by Juan Great Leaps
Twenty successful entrepreneurs from different areas of expertise (social enterprise, technology, e-commerce / retail and consulting services) joined forces to share to them their stories of successes. For twenty minutes the participants got to ask their chosen founders / enterpreneurs personally questions on how they started, any tips, struggles and everything in between. It was an awesome event!

The startups that I chose are from e - commerce / retail and technology because that is my line of interest. I loved how - website building business founder Luis Buenaventura shared his story of how TechCrunch found his startup. It was actually the other way around. He was in Singapore when he knew that the Asian correspondent of this tech website is in town as well so he did not wasted a time to invite her for coffee and the reason is for a big shot chance to get featured! The result was massive traffic and international clients after a short story of his startup followed after that coffee chat.

Odell Ramirez of Looloo, a mobile app that lets you do reviews of Manila restaurants, also shares how they tapped online influencers to spread out their startup. He also shared some chismis about the mobile world about the drama over Android and Samsung, Apple planning to launch cheaper devices and all that stuff! The app have 35, 000 users right now and about a few years old already but it is not yet making money because they are waiting for a particular total number to do a total blast on how they will make money for it. This app is funded by private investors who are willing to wait until that time is reached and willing to risk their money. Startups are all about risk folks!

To read more of the event you may read here. And oh btw, my tweet was mentioned in Peter Cauton's blog who spearheaded this event. yay! 

Going back with the question: What is with this start-the-f*ck-up thingy? It is about making people find a lifestyle that does not slave them to a fixed schedule and being their own boss. How many times we complained about the monotony of life - of doing the same sh*t every single freakin day of our life? Paulo Coelho once mentioned in his Facebook Fan Page, monotony can kill us if not physically it is emotionally. I am not encouraging everyone to quit their job and start a business because not every one is meant for this but I am encouraging everyone to go out of your comfort zone find what are the things that make you whole as a person that after a freakin whole day of working you still feel you have a life to live in the best way and be productive as possible.

2. Tara Let's Go Asia
Travelling used to be for those who can financially afford the means to do this but not anymore nowadays. But there are still a lot of people who are held back to go places because of so many reasons: money and fear of doing it. So when I heard about a startup that aims to educate the members on how to conquer this and personally got to see the founder I did told him "This sounds really impossible!" He said, "There is always a way in everything!"

Inspired by Meet Plan Go in the US, Tara Let's Go! Asia aims at helping you include traveling as part of your career, your personal growth, and family development. The project caters to working professionals in both the Philippines and in other regions of Southeast Asia. They will have a pilot event that will be held in the newly opened coworking space on March 22 and I will blog about it soon. On Tara Let's Go! Asia, you'll MEET like-minded, funny, inspiring and supportive ordinary working professionals in person. You'll get tools, tips, and how to's to PLAN your travels (including the all important where to get the money.). Find inspiration and strength to GO by hearing stories of other ordinary people like yourself.

So, there you go! This is how I spent my whole weekend trying to fight the monotony of life and trying to dream as if I am as young as a 19 year old girl.

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