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Nurture Wellness Villaga Spa in Tagaytay: One of the Best Pampering Place I Have Ever Been

Here's one of the first of my "live blogging" chapter as I struggle between finding time and following my passion which is blogging. Remember the pampering package I won months ago via ? Finally, I was able to avail it and it was the last chance for me to take it since I have been cancelling it for a few times already because of hectic schedule. It was everything I was asking for = a whole body massage, a place of serenity and a bit of travel.

I woke up around 5am and took a bus by 7pm then reached Tagaytay at around 9am.  A tricycle brought me after 10 minutes to a place almost a paradise, the Nurture Wellness Village Spa.  Founded 12 years ago, this is the closest definition of a man-made nature which can take all your stress away and heal your worries away by the cold breeze. The surrounding is full of trees, plants of all sorts and blooming colorful flowers. I love the design and architecture of the entire village which is mostly made of trees, bamboo and a lot of native materials. 

The moment I entered in the reception area, I felt the place has a very light aura of welcoming me. Nurture Wellness Villaga Spa in Tagaytay according to the blogs I have scoured the night before my trip there said that this place is known for a world-class  qulity spa and wellness services because of their  skillful therapists trained by internationally certified trainers.  Take note, this spa is said to be one of the pioneers in this industry and was once part of the list of CNN Go's Best Spa in Asia.

One of the staff offered me a pandan tea just right after I introduced myself.  Though it was in a very small cup, it warmed my body up against the cold weather in Tagaytay. Yours truly did not bring any jacket, she only brought her favorite shawl which she regretted after.

After a few minutes of waiting, I was approached by Rimwell who introduced himself as their Wellness Nurse. He invited me to go inside one of the bamboo huts to have my "physical body check up" with the use of  DMS (digital meridian system)  to assess overall flow of energies in our body.  He wrapped around my wrist the other and the other one in my palm. He also did the same on my foot.  

After that he entered my basic information in the computer and gave me general analysis on my mental state, metabolism and thyroid gland through an index score.  After that he entered my basic information in the computer and gave me general analysis on my mental state, metabolism and thyroid gland through an index score. He suggested some tips of how what parts of my body are doing fine and what parts that I have to take extra care of.  He asked for my email address and after just 30 minutes, I checked my inbox the result is sent already.

This is the view of their organic cafe,  where you can order a lot of great-tasting food all healthy and no  preservatives. While waiting for the next activity, I gladly sit in this chair below and want to thank Rimwell for this picture below.

How can you NOT resist leaving this place as magical as this picture below? For a city rat like me, this is one of the definitions of a paradise - sublime, tranquil and it is like the time runs very slow here. I wanted to take a dip to this swimming pool as if the condo where I stay does not have one but the coldness is killing me already. 

Finally, I was approached by another staff and I feel pity I forgot his name. He said he will teach me the Tai Qi Gong traditional Chinese exercises  which helps to improve health and increase energy flow through graceful, repetitive movements when done regularly.

I felt like I was the lady version of Jet Li and Jacky Chan doing a few moves which I can hardly remember now. I plan when I have a free time to Youtube this and learn this myself so I can do this every day. 

After that I thank him for the patience and I realized they really follow strict ethics in customer service especially in terms of proper image and branding. He just changed his wardrobe only for 45 minute of exercise then when he went back to the cafe area as a waiter/server, he wore his uniform again.  He said he was trained by one of the friends of the owner of Nurture Spa who resides all the way from China  where this Tai Chi originated.

Me walking in this “healing path” or “reflexology walk” which lets you walk onto  stones of various sizes which is believed to help improve blood circulation. Oh mind you, walking here is NOT easy.  Well for the bigger stones yes but for the smaller irregularly shaped ones it is totally not. It kind of hurt my feet but not totally that I got wounded. It made me realize to appreciate my feet and the mortality of our body. 

While wandering around I noticed the other side which looks like a camping site. I was told that this is called Glamping or Glamorous Camping. The tents are pretty much bigger than the usual that inside instead of lying in the ground there is a bed for a more comfortable sleep. I wish I went here at night so this bonfire place in my front could have appeared much better with a raging fire inside.

Again how can I not stop my feet from exploring the whole place when scenes like this seems to be rare to me? I felt for the longest time that I communed with nature and it is priceless.

After eating my breakfast, a lady approached and introduced herself. She led me to one of the rooms for my 30 minute facial care and 1 hour body massage. For my face, she applied honey and royal jelly as moisturizer.  I got the best kale lemon I have ever tasted, it is so organic that right after I start sipping I can feel its natural sourness. I also love the lasagna sans the meat replaced by tomatoes and eggplant.

She suggested me to take a shower first for an utmost experience which I did even though I was freezing already.  I almost feel like soaking in a water tub but I knew this is not the perfect time so I just did a quick shower. She began washing my feet in a warm water for exfoliation and cleansing. She used a virgin coconut oil all throughout my body. She also  put some banana leaves on my back for some reasons I totally forgot.  The feeling was really freaking great since I really feel cold plus the aircon is on.  She handed me a warm taragon tea after the session. I barely felt the one hour and thirty minute session - it only lasted for a minute because I totally enjoyed and really want more.

My whole stay lasted for 4-5 hours then I went back to Manila. I wish I can stay here for at least a day and a night because for a very busy person like me an escape to this place is almost heaven. I wish to come back here soon. I hope by that time I won't be alone because this place is also equally romantic. I long to walk here especially at night with someone holding hands and watch countless stars at night. 

And by the way I It was the first time in my whole life that I have seen a garden wedding last weekend. I'm used to seeing ceremonies like these always jam-packed but this time it was a gathering of a few dozens of relatives and friends of both the groom and the bride in a private garden somewhere. I do not know anyone of them but just by watching from a distance I have seen no matter how small in capacity the event, it was very intimate and memorable. The bride is literally the most beautiful of them all. The groom cant take his eyes from her wife-to be. I am seeing laughter and excitement from the bridesmaids, to the families and everyone. The place is filled with color and laughter. Almost everyone is taking photos and they even have a certain hashtag to post online. I wanted to take photos but I respect the privacy of these people. Just imagine this photo filled with what I just said. And I am sure whoever single lady is there right at that moment, she would likewise dream of having her own garden wedding someday. 


From MRT Taft, please go to the back of Mc Do where there is a bus station and take the one bound for Tagaytay. Travel time is more than 2 hours.  Tell the driver to drop you off at Magallanes Square (P83) and then get a tricycle (55) for a 10 minute ride to bring you right at the doorstep of Nurture Spa.

Nurture Spa Village is located at Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West 
Tagaytay City, Cavite. For more information , you may check them on
Facebook via

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