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Aqua Mineral Products: A Worthwhile Investment For An Age-Defying Beauty

In my six years of blogging experience, I rarely feature beauty products just because it is really not my thing. When I reached 30, I realized looks matter. Inside a grocery store in front of dozens of products you are not aware of, most likely you choose the one with the most attractive packaging and promising label information. In finding a partner, the first thing you consider is the looks of that person. Unless of course you have developed a strong liking for someone whom you have know for such a long time already. An applicant dressed in a nice business attire surely gets the most attention from the interviewer compared to the one who is not.

Taking care of our looks is very important. Aqua Mineral, a line of beauty-enhancement and age-defying products is one example of a brand that has almost all the reasons to keep us physically pleasing. You are not forever young - you'll see a person in front of the mirror somewhat older that what you thought you are.  Sadly aside from age, there are a lot of reasons why we age very fast - stress, pollution, vices  et cetera also speed up our aging. 

To those who can relate to what I say, Aqua Mineral products are here to the rescue. These are made from the salts and minerals all the way from the Dead Sea mentioned in the Bible from Israel. This combination gives Aqua Mineral an innovative and patented technology to help every lady in the world defy the effects of time. 

I had the chance to join their launching in a posh condo months ago so I am sharing you what I learned about them:

1.  Professional Nail Kit

I am so totally blown away by this!  Just after a few seconds of rubbing the bar to my nails it became so shiny in an instant that I "screamed" a bit out of surprise.  I imagine how much is the savings for those who regularly go to the salon to have their nails fixed. This bar has lifetime warranty that you can change anytime you want.

2.  Body Scrub in Forest Dreams and Body Butter in Springtime

I had the chance to bring these two at home to try. I have nothing but praises. The body scrub grains are not "hurtful"when you lather to your body and the body butter smells so good. The scent stayed almost the whole day. I can feel my skin is totally soft that I don't need to put a lotion on.

There's a lot that Aqua Mineral can offer from facial care, to body care, to anti -aging and their jaw-dropping Optima +.  

btw, I am glad to give my readers a discount if you want to purchase these. Just scan this and present to avail. Get the Butter and Scrub for P6,200 and get the Nail Kit as a gift for P2500. This is only good until January 31, 2015. 

Aqua Mineral  products are available at all leading malls in Metro Manila. For more information you may visit their website

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