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Quick Visit to Crown Asia's Pine Suites in Tagaytay

As a blogger it is an unspoken rule that whenever we are invited in an event it is logically correct to produce a review after.  An "isolated" case happened when I joined a group of bloggers witness a groundbreaking event in Tagaytay a month ago. Instead of a PR kit given to us after for us to feature in our own blogs, it was them who wrote about us on their official website. I would like to return the favor in my own way here in my blog because I believe they got a great product which is a house and lot propery that can redefine the lifestyle of Filipino families.

Last November 30, we checked out Pine Suites, a medium-rise condo still under construction by Crown Asia. As one of the country's top developers, I knew I will have a great time viewing their ideas of how a modern home should look like.

I love their log cabin theme which is just perfect because Tagaytay is known for its cold weather and pine trees. It is after all a Swiss-inspired project full of amazing European designs that reminds me of the Swiss Alps. It will be made of 3 separate buildings and a clubhouse. 

After our lunch and a conversation with their Marketing Head, we dropped by to another Crown Asia's property in Santa Rosa, Laguna - the Valenza.  For sometime I thought I was out of the Philippines while strolling around because the architecture is grand and outstandingly different from what I see everyday.

I was told that Valenza follows an Italian theme that is why. The minimum cost of a house and lot property here is P6M and the maximum is P20M! So imagine what kind of neighbors you will have in here and how much extra comfort your family will benefit if they chose this as their home.

I took a lot of photos of different house models and really made me pursue my own dream house soon! I wish I can post all of those here just that the space is not enough so I am just posting a few. 

And oh look at what we saw! A Christmas themed castle right in front of Valenza. It reminded me of the Frozen movie. There were a lot of people surrounding the place which made us conclude that they were able to capture the hearts of the nearby neighborhood to celebrate Christmas in a white theme.

When the dark came, it was far more beautiful than before.  Different lights came showing up every now and then. Whew I wish I have my dear nieces here. They will surely love here. 

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