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Happy Holidays My Dear Readers

I welcomed the celebration of Christmas sadly in the office. This is never knew to me because in my previous 8-year old job, I used to celebrate the holiday season at work. I am just thankul that the next day after is my off. Though no sleep yet (my shift is 11:45pm - 8:45pm),  in the morning as soon as I am done I rushed to Tagaytay to join my fellow blogger friends on a whole day road trip there.

Photo courtesy of Evo Joel Contrivida

I have to brave a 5-hour traffic from Manila to Tagaytay though it only takes 2 hours to get there. They already went ahead at around 8am in the morning. I feel pity that I was not able to join them checking out the a strings of houses  in Tagaytay dubbed as Switzerland village. Nevertheless, I reached around 1pm and joined them in a cafe. 

Around 10pm I reached home, slept until 10am the next morning and ate then slept again until 5pm.  By 6pm I woke up and decided to go to Makati to hear mass at Greenbelt Chapel. Then by 9pm, took a bus back home and live blogging this.

This is how I celebrate Christmas... usually alone. I wanted to go home in Bicol to celebrate this wonderful day but I am not allowed to file a vacation leave yet.  This makes me miss my freelance life way back but I know for sure that once I take this path again, I will be better the next time around. In between all these, I also devote my time answering inquiries about my online tours. 

Just a few days and 2014 is over, I am grateful of this year though one mistake made me go back to the life I swore I will never go back again. All I ever wish this Christmas and New Year is love and travel. 

I am searching for love to come my way and more travels for next year!

And mostly, thank you to my readers who keep in coming back to this site. It is only a handful as I see in my Google Analytics for now but you guys inspire me to keep this blog alive.  Please do send me a message if you can. Let me know what else do you want to read in this blog. I'd love to hear a feedback from you and hopefully get to know you.

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