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Travel Massive Manila December Review

Me with the Hideo Wakamatsu coral luggage
"Way better than the first one!" Though the crowd this time is much smaller compared to the pioneer meetup last November, a signficant improvement in terms of networking and brand interaction are the reasons that made me appreciate more this event. Travel Massive is afterall a worldwide meetup that aims to bring together the whole travel industry: bloggers, publications, products and services, tour operators, travelers etc. for collaboration and fun. Now that I have officially started arranging tours  I have to keep joining to events like this to connect with more people who share the same interest and broaden my horizon for any possibilities.

Please allow me to share you a handful of details: 

Travel  Talk
Upper Viceo of Dispatch, a travel magazine shared a video of her Mongolia trip. What made me more curious about her story is that Mongolia is not a usual traveler would tell right at the moment when asked where is his/her destination to visit next. This place sounds so exotic to me especially when she mentioned about seeing a two-humped camel and the Trans-Siberian railway - the longest in the world crossing 16 time zones if I am not mistaken.
Also brings back memories of Aleph book I read about the train journey that happened in this very same  railway written by Paulo Coelho telling this 21 year old girl, named Hilal whom he loved five hundred years ago in a different incarnation. He narrates a scene where in one of the cabins, this girl came in and sits in his lap. He said the heat that is produced by the mere contact of both of their laps are hotter than the heat that is produced by the pressure regulator in the ceiling at that moment. 

Pitching and Collaboration
Ciel of Philippine Veterans Affairs Office introduced some historical shrines such as Kiangan, Ricarte and Balantang. Yeah, never heard of these as well and this is the reason why she is here. She is looking for bloggers to be given an all-expense paid trip to go these historical military shrines to blog about these in exchange. I have started chitchatting with others near me so the next one is I failed to get the details. He is a white guy who has been to most of our beautiful beaches scuba diving. He is also looking for bloggers to collaborate with a travel publication he belongs to.

Brand Management
The Style Me Up game of The Anywhere from Bombshell. A women's wear taht can be used as a dress, top,skirt, shawl etc in 15 different ways!  Hideo Wakamatsu Philippines also made us take photos of their super cute and stylish luggages to post on Facebook. After getting into blogging and social media lately, I have become crazy to these words "client" and "brands" big time! Being tapped by brands means one thing to a blogger. It means you are getting recognized as someone who can influence the buying decision of your readers. You become an authority and sort of like a celebrity also.

The Style Me Up game

Speed Networking
This one is I enjoyed the most by making the bloggers to form a circle and the brand owners form a circle that surrounds them. Each of the group are asked to step to the right or left for how many times and have to introduce to anyone he/she faces by chance. I so love this! Introducing yourself in one minute for getting to know each other and who knows could lead to collaboration? 

Photo courtesy of Ciel Estacio. Really looking forward for the next one this January!

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