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Manila PubCrawl Madness

To those who never heard of Manila PubCrawl, it is a bar-hopping tour that explores the best night – life in the city. You get to ride to an air-conditioned party jeep that will go around the metro to five different pubs or popularly known here as bars to party, drink and meet new people. The idea of partying to us Filipinos is to go to a new or a favorite one and spend the whole night there. However this one is patterned from Europe’s different style on how they do social gatherings at night. The third word -crawl, well you guessed it right! You might crawl if you get drunk after.

Manila PubCrawl only happens on Saturday for the meantime so I grabbed the opportunity to join when they announced they will have it on Friday for a charity cause of the most recent typhoon victims. There were games inside the bus And I am telling you the one you used to chit-chat in the first pub will not be the one you will most likely be chitchatting in the next pub because it seems everyone was going around getting to know each other. There are two party jeeps so you can sit anywhere with anyone.
In the first pub

while on the road to the next pub. Each of us is asked to sit beside someone whom we don’t know and we are encouraged to have conversation with our seatmate and describe after what we have in common et cetera. Our names are written near our shoulder in the free Manila PubCrawl signature shirt that whenever we introduce ourselves, we show our names at the same time on how it is spelled. A mixed facial reaction always comes out whenever the spelling of the names is far weird by how it is pronounced by the owner. This however is not a bad thing because it makes the conversation going and it adds laughter.

Paul and Ags - the first 2 people I made friends at the start

Laughter, yelling, chatting and more drinks please!
Every time we get inside these pubs, people are staring at us maybe because we have same shirts and
we are wearing a necklace of a shot glass we are using to drink and bring home after. And if you worry
no one will take a photo of you whenever you want one if you go there alone, it is no problem! Manila
PubCrawl has a “resident” photographer the whole night who will take photos for as many as you want. These photos will be uploaded after in Manila PubCrawl’s Facebook Fan Page.

One of the 5 pubs where it is 5 degrees temperature! 

I had fun, big time even though I went there alone! I have added some of them in my Facebook and Twitter whom I share the same interest. For a few hours I set aside my worries and think of nothing but to have fun. If you happen to be in this same situation, you have all the chances to drink, dance and flirt a little. Life is once, enjoy it while you have the chance!

Manila PubCrawl has an older sibling – the Boracay PubCrawl which started several months ago and with a Facebook Fan Page of 25,000 party addicts. So if you happen to drop by to Boracay – you may check this out which is done many times a week. Photos credited to Manila PubCrawl team.

More Info about Manila PubCrawl

+ FREE Rides with our Party Jeepneys (Airconditioned Buses)
+ FREE Entrance to 5 Bars/Clubs
+ Exclusive Drink Specials in each Bar/Club with part or all of the profit going to the cause(!)
+ 10 FREE Shots/Shooters/Drinks
+ FREE Manila PubCrawl Polo Shirt
+ FREE Shot Glass
+ Fun Get-To-Know Games in the Jeepney
+ Manila PubCrawl Membership!*


  1. I want to join one time for the experience, is this all free or how much it cost if there is a fee?

  2. sorry late reply :) plase chekc this link for info. hay i have the best night life ever!

  3. Thanks for blogging about us Rona! Join us again next time and bring your friends!

    1. Yay! i just read your comment which is super months late. Sure will do :)

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