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A Hopeful New Year of 2013

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If you will ask what personality I was this holiday season, I would say I am a Grinch, literally. I have work on Christmas and New Year. For the past seven years I was at work on these days. Before I was glad because I am paid double and it meant I have extra more money in my pocket but I realized the time to rest and being with loved ones during these times are priceless but this is the work I have all my life so I am kinda used to it. I was walking from my place to my work at 12 midnight on the eve of New Year and I was so delighted seeing the sky these magnificent colorful firecrackers going up. Yo estaba medio feliz y medio triste (I was half happy and half sad). Feliz porque la escena era tan incredible y triste porque deseo estoy con mis seres queridos en este momento (Happy because the scene was so amazing and sad because I wish I am with my loved ones at this very moment).

Tengo mucho para agradecer el año pasado (I have a lot to be thankful last year). Would you believe my 15 vacation leaves for the whole year were spent travelling? I went to Ilocos, Cebu, Bicol (home), Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Bacolod, Guimaras and back to Ilocos again. What did I get from these trips? I was able to open a tour package and come March there is something I am not allowed to tell yet. I wanted to go to more places pero tengo trabajo en dias festivos (but I have work on holidays). But you reading this, will be very proud of me whoever you are. No matter how big or how little you know me.

I have learned so many lessons that I would have not learned its worth had I not made a mistake or pursued what my dreams are. I remembered blogging about anything under the sun – just for the heck of it and joining different kinds of events around the metro and trying to discover what world I would like to belong with. I was looking for the right kind of people whom I know will mold me a persona that I dream of. The year 2012 made it happen. They are added in my social media sites, their blogs already bookmarked and a few of them I have met in person. They inspire me in whatever positive thing they do and push me to do one as well or who knows, much better? And my search of what I want is over. I have found what I really want to do and I am all ready to rock now! I feel 2013 will definitely make some of my dreams a reality.

I have a few in my list or should I say I don’t want to give bigger spaces to my regrets. I just want to be focused in the positive side. Some valued people whom I used to share my world left. Two reasons that explain this, either the need to change physical location or the ideas we previously have in common now are clashing against each other. Que hay cosas que no se pueden cambiar, solo manera es para aceptar (That there are things that cannot be changed, only way is to accept). 


I am very much excited to be part of DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Boot Camp - a 35-lesson program by e-commerce and social media specialist Janette Toral conducted online for free on how to put up a website, market your products and services, accept payments online etc. What I look forward here is to graduate from the boot camp, whom one must be able to roll-out an e-commerce site, market it, get customers, and build relationships with brand advocates. I have an idea that will be a collaboration and interactive portal.  Will blog about it soon.

Looking forward also join pitch sessions to of PhilVenCap (Philippine Venture Capital Investment Group)  According to its website it says it is a " free venue for pitching their business ideas to a captive group of serious & interested angel investors" and "new entrepreneurs gain valuable advice & feedback from veterans regarding their venture project ideas". Sounds so great!

Speaking of the word "pitch", I feel that pitching a business idea in front of a crowd or investors will be a freaking hot trend this 2013 and beyond in the country. But a lot of super great ideas flunk during pitch sessions because of poor presentation. I suggest it's time to have a Pitch Me 101, a real-time training or sort of warm up session of aspiring & existing entrepreneurs to know the do's & don'ts before they go to the "battlefield".

Will continue connecting to more people whom I share same interests, join relevant events and never stop learning. I want to be involved in a more “humanly “activities not the ones that tie me in front of the computer or gluing my fingers to my smartphone. MORE HUMAN INTERACTION. I will add more plans soon. (Voy a añadir más planes pronto) I pray that when the next Christmas and New Year come, hope I am not in the same place I mentioned above.

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