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Lots of Shit in Starting a Business

Excuse me for the third word in the title. Really, starting a business or trying an entrepreneurial path involves a lot of shitty stuff. Again, excuse me for the word. I mean what else can we best describe whenever you want to start something but you just don’t know how to do it, where to get guidance and whom to ask for help et cetera? And why the heck I am giving this a try anyway if this is causing me a pain in the ass? Entrepreneurial career is not for everybody nor I am myself professing that I am one of them. But when I got my first sale which is equivalent to the salary I worked for a month by just making an exchange of phone calls I said, “I am freakin ready to take this shit a challenge!” Good thing there are free lectures available online like the Digital Filipino’s e-Commerce BootCamp about how to make business online that is very worth it. I am a bit behind with the lectures because of my work and a big chunk of my time is spent answering inquiries of my clients: exchanging emails, phone calls and sending text messages. I will be soon offering more service so I am thinking of getting an assistant.I don’t want my work to eat my life entirely that when I grow old if I will have big regrets I don’t want to say that the reason was I overworked.  That’s BS!

I am slowly trying to keep up with the lectures and indeed patience is an investment in a business. I meant no offense but there are really clients that are literally dumb like they have read all the information but they will ask it again. I just keep on telling myself that patience is a virtue. Part of the BootCamp is a Face-to-Face session that I joined last Jan. 11th at UP Diliman led by its founder Janette Toral. I have learned that the Philippines will reach its sweet spot in 2014 meaning the growth of its economy will be at its peak. Also the majority age of Filipinos next year will be 24 years old. A young generation will dominate the country! To my fellow aspiring and existing entrepreneurs here are the questions: Are you prepared for this market?, Is your business concerns them and Do you have at least the mind and energy of them? 

What I appreciated the most is doing the Business Model Canvas. I got a gazillion ideas stuck in my mind and it helped me squeeze out the important ones. Another one is the Mind Mapping, a way to plot or map out these ideas via online tools. I am amazed how my business idea turned into a huge graphic representation of art! I am thrilled listening to my fellow participants while they introduce themselves and their respective online business. It feels great when you feel this "belongingness" somehow. Okay and also a lot, lot of legal matters I have to start fixing like getting registered and issuing official receipts.

I don’t want to remain in the selling mechanism of this business. In the short period that I did it I have seen some flaws of this industry on how it works which is where my business belongs to. A light bulb moment for me. I am planning to build a website that will be a directory nationwide then make it an interactive and collaborative portal. 

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