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Changes, Plans and Advocacy of this Blog 2012

“Shut this blog down Rona! You’re not gonna make more money out of it. Not many people are interested about this. Make another one and pursue your other interests like social media, internet marketing, and selling online blah, blah!”  says a fellow blogger. Two years of blogging which I rather call as posting-something-uniquely-fun-online is not a joke. I would be hypocrite if I was not quite bedazzled upon hearing the “make-more-money” stuff but then again I started this out of spur-of-the-moment passion. I cobblestone streets, capiz window shells and always intrigued about those Manila galleons that lurked hundred years ago! Yeah call me old fashioned, I won’t disagree ever!

So this 2012 I decided to make specific goals for this blog like a sailing ship in order to keep going should have a map to follow and a Captain clever enough to decide where to go to the spots that have lesser waves and when not to go too near the shore  or else… Here is my rough draft. Not really hoping by the end of this year all will be done but at least there is  something done!

1.       Trips to Historical Places
Though this blog is not really a Travel website but there is really a thin line between Travel and Heritage. Will scour Manila for some boooring errr historical places to post to remind our young generation that this decaying-slash-ugly-slash-not-given-attention-slash-again-slash-decaying-stuff is historical! Need to focus more within Manila as this author has a very tight as in spell tight work schedule.  Have some trips lined up:
                                Vigan & Laoag = January
                                Cebu     = February
                                Bicol      = March

2.       Remember those boooring educational-slash-historical museums you are required to see in your school tours? You guessed it right! Will feature it because not so much of them are documented online.

3.       Local Climate Change issues  and advocacy against plastic bag use.  Nothing much to talk about it but will be soon.

4.       Random thoughts of the Author.
Noticed a good amount of positive responses and likes and comments and flattering words I receive whenever I post in my social media accounts  (I am a social media addict ssshhh!) a short anecdote, trivias, personal experiences (only the nicest ones of course)  so I will also add it here.  

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