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Co.Lab Manila Offers FREE Workspace for A Day!

If you're a freelancer or works part-time and feels bored to work on coffee shops, at a restaurant or even at home then this one is for you! Or if you feel like leaving the corporate world and be a bootstrapping entrepreneur and ready for a startup. Then say goodbye to boring cubicles and seeing the same officemates for years.Coworking space is a place with assorted areas that offer coworkers to work from a  desk, a couch, table, lounge chair. Wherever you like! Or see different seatmates or "workmates" you can chat with or exchange ideas with while coworking.

Coworking spaces and coworkers all across the globe is celebrating a week full of Jellies from Jan. 16 -  22, 2012!! Jellies according to Co.lab manila are when people are invited to cowork on the house - no charge, we just want you to experience coworking with us! For Jellyweek, January 20th is Asia’s day! On that day co.lab Makati 1PM - 6PM. while co.lab xchange Pasig is open today Jan. 191pm-8pm.

For more information you may check their Facebook Fan Page here or follow them on Twitter hereCo.lab hosts a jelly once a month, an event where they invite people to come and cowork for free.

You may also read my Jelly Experience at Colab Manila here:

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