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Waiting in a long line

This is one of the things that I hate the most. Waiting in a line and  kicking my bacpack bag using my toes a few inches forward everytime I  take a step closer to  the counter  to check in. It is like waiting for that booty call in the middle of the night but suddenly realizes it is not  worth. it Pardon the comparison. But yeah these does  not happen everyday so let's savor the moment!


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    Anne Dayto enjoy ur trip gurl!!!!
    Yesterday at 1:41am · Like

  2. Carl Manning punta ka na ng saudi, rona?
    Yesterday at 1:47am · Like

  3. Eva Zamora Finally, lakwatsa na!!!!
    Yesterday at 1:56am · Like

  4. Helen B. Leonardo be safe and enjoy
    Yesterday at 5:07am · Like

  5. Maria Rona Beltran ‎Carl Manning: eto naman bat sa lahat ng lugar e saudi pa ang naisip mo! up north lang
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  6. Maria Rona Beltran Ladies Anne Dayto, Eva Zamora & Helen B. Leonardo tenchow :)
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