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Giant Whale Sharks at Oslob, Cebu by Daily Mail UK

Conservationist Shawn Heinrich  shows images of 25ft giant whale sharks eaig shimps beig fed by fearless fishermen  near Oslob in the Philippines. These images showed a 'rare and exciting connection' and adds 'Typically shy of one another, the whale shark and the fishermen have formed an unusual bond of appreciation, respect and trust. These ground-breaking images capture that story.'

 To  view the rest of the images and the whole story of  In the shallows: The never-before-seen moment fishermen feed shrimp to giant whale sharks by HAND you may click here


  1. Juliet de Vera, Lyn Danao and 5 others like this.
    Bob Couttie Impressive, but not good practice. Let them swim

  2. Richard Pacheco Thats some scary shit
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  3. Bob Couttie For the whale shark maybe.
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  4. Bob Couttie They're not sharks, they're mammals and they filter feed.
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  5. JiGs Adrales wow! amazing!
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  6. They are sharks, not mammals, but yes they filter feed and are very docile. Riding them is definitely not cool ... especially for the whale shark.