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Back then when we used to be Provencianas!

Was surprised to bump shoulders with an old buddy along Aya Ave. She is Riz who like me came here in Manila more than 4 years ago for a greener pasture and we used to be a provenciana - newbie in the city, that is curious of a metropolitan life and does not know much of people. So young and naive that we took the liberty of exploring Manila and that includes errr... night life. She also stands 5 foot flat like me but you know, when the clock strikes 12mn on weekends we become 5' 3" or  5' 4"  depending on how high the heels we wore paired with some girly dresses and you would see us twirling in the dance floor and holding a light beer. 

One incident we can't forget was these 2 jerks who would not let us go. So afraid of what is gonna happen next we had no choice but to pass through the Fire Exit door, took off our high heels (we're back to five foot flat again!) and run as fast as we could to the nearest street not minding we are not passing in the designated pedestrian lane.

These jerks, we never heard of them after. But the way they introduced themselves and the way they look they have promising carreers - from educational to professional background and are serious hobbyists. Like it won't take a minute for them to get a girl. Except us.. we are good runners. 

We joked of going to that bar again for fun but just that our time won't match and one more thing... we're not  provencianas anymore.

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