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Looking for a Virtual Assistant

Is SERIOUSLY thinking of hiring a virtual assistant to do most of my boring and repetitive tasks so I can focus on my more significant roles in life like doing my laundry, cleaning my closet and most of all find my missing eyeglasses! This task would need to have access to my Facebook, Twitter, my blog and its Facebook Fan Page and etc. Yay! It is like I am letting a stranger stay in my room while I am out! Well the task is pretty simple like copy-pasting links and comments, liking other Fan Pages and following new Twitter accounts, uploading pictures etc. This is however a short-time project only after I am able to fix my schedule and go out and make out.. that is make the most out of. So yeah! I am scouring directory of VA's where can I get one whom I can trust as these accounts are so dear to me. Wanna also knnw how much is the reasonable fee for them. 


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    Daryll Dial Villena try me :)
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