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Working at Co.lab Manila!

Me and Sarah Photo courtesy of Colab Manila 
I've always been curious about coworking spaces since one of the blogs I read almost everyday which sometimes I open more frequent than my own blog talks about this a lot. Now please allow me not to divulge what blog is it as the author might be flattered too much. But I was glad I met this author sometime last year. An entrepreneur in his own right,running his own online business, started pretty young & surviving in a foreign country! 

Co.lab Manila has 2 office spaces one in Pasig another is in Makati. During their January  #Jellyweek where they are open for a day or two for anyone who wants to check them out and offer their workspace for free, I took the opportunity to see it myself. Well the place is pretty amazing. No presence of stagnant looking and boring cubicles and workstations. Only couches, tables and lounge chairs. The ambiance is very relaxing like there is no presence of a dreaded boss! Well there is hardly a boss there because people who might be interested working there are mostly freelancers, part-timers and stuff. It is really amazing. It is an office that lacks the bad reputation of boredom and repetitiveness.I had fun talking with other guests who checked out Co.lab Manila as well. Most of them are graphic designers, layout artists and students. Check our  video  here

Photo grabbed from Link is here
One familiar face was Sarah Meier, former MTV VJ who is a coworker at Co.lab Manila. What makes me interested the most is the idea of working in a place where somebody sitting just a few chairs away or next door is an app designer or a software engineer! You may be at some point get to chat with these people sharing some random or opposing  ideas. I work in the same company of seven years where I sit with my fellow officemates whom I've known for so long. While having them as friends is not bad at all you know it comes to a point where you chat the same stories over and over again. 

Coworking spaces give the people working in it a feeling of less-stressed workplace. One very interesting question we were all asked is "Dead or alive, who would you wanna collaborate it?" Don't even bother what my answer is... I still can't figure out and does not remember what I said that time! And I got so lucky that time I won in the raffle of the Unscripted book of Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera. So guys check these cool coworking space out!

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