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My Journalism Experience

Access to the Internet is now a basic human right declared by the United Nations. Since millions and millions of people go online every day, we need journalists to guide us like a traffic aide to pedestrians crossing the streets. One does not need to be a Journalism graduate, newspaper writer or TV anchor to be a journalist today. Through social media , anyone who has an account to leading social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter can post a write up, tweet a link or upload a Youtube video, get in touch with celebrities, brands, local and public figures directly. 

To impress someone, I started blogging late of 2009 about my rants, raves and announcing my daily minutiae but turned out nobody read my blog except my mom and my siblings. Knowing that this is a powerful medium to any noble reason, I started blogging about my country’s heritage, tourism, local events and some random thoughts. I noticed that my friends would comment, share what I post and eventually I connected online to people who share the same interest. I found myself joining events the next time and getting to know these people personally. I got more inspired knowing that the power of blogging or citizen journalism lead me closer to my advocacy.

What used to be a usual routine of logging in to my social networking sites  to either stalk someone or join worthless gossip conversation was transformed into posting relevant topics like a free film directing workshop, invitation to a roundtable discussion about preservation of heritage houses or some old Indian sayings that could lift up a tired spirit.

To create my own identity, I choose what I post which mostly about my country, social media and entrepreneurship. I feel my worth when my Twitter followers, Facebook friends and subscribers share their comments or retweet what I post. When I shared about Philippines is in the list of Top Twenty Preferred Migrated Place by Young People internationally, a non-Filipino Facebook friend expressed his doubts and a lengthy exchange of comments followed. When I posted photos of my trip to Ilocos – one of our provinces, my officemates were so taken with the amazing view that they went there as well. When one of the biggest malls in the country and in the world cut a hundred plus Pine trees for their expansion, I shared what others also did, a satirical graphic about condemning their non-environmental activity. 

Most important I got to know my country more. I met people who are known for something or stood up for something and also challenged me to be advocate for something soon. I also made friends along the way and foes who have beliefs against mine. I continue and will make sure that I speak up for something. It could be against cyber – bullying, plagiarism and tracing reliable source of information before announcing it to the world. What differentiates from a blogger slash journalist today is it does not matter if what is shared is just a plain photo, a video, a thousand or only a 140 characters long. It is how you post it and how you capture the attention of the online public to do something out of it ... this is the generation of New media.

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