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Startup Manila Weekend!

Let me tell you about my education background. I am a graduate of a four year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a two year Diploma in Computer Studies. Right after college, I realized programming is not my calling so I took a turn. I am now working in an industry that I never wrote a single line of programming code and staying in the same company for six and a half years! But still I wanted ot be updated with the world I should have bee in had I followed the path from what I graduated from college so I always read news about it.  Through a blog, I was greatly influenced (I choose to unname it) about what are my interests to day that include social  media, startups, coworking and collaboration. So when I heard about this Startup Weekends I did not waste anytime and registered last year with my brother who was a programmer in a local bank.  

The event is usually a consecutive three days and the first night is about pitch night where those who has ideas will speak in front and given of I think a minute or so and the audience after will vote who has the coolest ideas. These people who gathered the most votes shall then proceed and make it into software. Usually they will get a group of four who will do programming, backend, marketing and business side. After three days of mentorship the last day will be a presentation and the winner will be given a chance to make it as an actual business funded and will be sent abroad for further training!

I encourage everyone especially those young people who graduated from college to keep dreaming and not just as "mere employees". Twitmusic  is one of the participating group last year, was recently chosen to be in the list of 500 Startups and was given a hundred million dollar funding. So there you go Philippines is far behind from that Silicon Valley thing but we have so many talents that we can in the future! We just need to keep going and keep fighting. 

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