Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What to Eat in Quezon Province particularly in Lucban town

Quezon Province is only 3-4 hours from Manila. This place reminds me of my hometown in Bicol where the main source of living is agriculture. I am definitely recommending this to anyone who wants to get out for a while from the stressful sight of Manila and experience a quaint living in a province. I love seeing the vast rice fields, roads without traffic and when the whole town seems to sleep as early as 9pm! 

Whenever I am in a new place, the first thing I always discover are the local dishes. These native food are not just designed to fill our stomach but also to give us the glimpse of the history of Quezon province particularly what plant, fruit or vegetable is the most abundant that they always use them for cooking.  You don't go to Lucban or any other part then eat at Mc Donalds or Jollibee right? That's crap!

I would like to share five must - try snacks in Quezon Province. In case you decide to go for an impromptu road trip there. I hope this can give you suggestions and bring some back home. Your family and friends will be delighted!

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