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Joining the Earth Hour 2010

Chico and Delamar, radio DJ's and newspaper columnists opened the show by sharing how did the Earth Hour started last March 27th at Glorietta Park, Makati. They said it began in Australia last 2007 as part of their campaign for the Global Climate Change. The idea is very common, which you tell your friends, family members, colleagues etc. to turn off their non-essential lights for an hour to make a difference. We should think of what we can do NOW not tomorrow or in the future but to save our only home. It does not need for anyone to be a CEO in a corporate world, a wealthy politician or in a business just to help save our Mother Earth. All needed to do is to act the right way and even to the point of changing our little habits without anyone watching us.

It was such a click that in 2-3 years about 35 countries worldwide also joined this event. Just last year, Philippines ranked the third in terms of the number of household, business establishments etc. which joined the event. They also mentioned that the world is only given FIVE YEARS from now to act about it's carbon pollution problem, if not we just 'killed' our great-great-grandchildren's children for the oppurtunity of a safer place to live.

Jay Durias of South Border and his buddy who played saxophone, the pretty Sitti and True Faith all sang a few songs before the countdown begins. Gloomsticks were given to the crowd sitting in front of the stage. White confetties showered the performers from time to time. There was a short laughing moment though when they started the countdown. Sitti started from '9' while the lead of True Faith started from '10'. They quickly looked at each other but continued the countdown in favor of Sitti.

Glorietta 5, Intercontinental Hotel and Ascott Hotel which are situated just a stone's throw from the venue turned of most their lights. Those huge billboards were not spared, SM Makati also participated. For some big businesses especially malls and food establishments joining this event meant a less turn over of net income for the day. But it is nice to see them supporting each other even for an hour. My faith is strong that same way happen to all over Philippines.

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