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Free Movie Passes for the 15th French Film Festival at Shangrila Mall

Of french fries and french kiss... I love this sinful food and I can kiss this way. Oh, the Paris! Spelled as the E-i-f-f-e-l T-o-w-e-r... France's culture is everywhere around the world. Free movie passes is given to movie goers in Shangrila Mall, Mandaluyong from June 3 - 13 in celebration for the 15th French Film festival . Don't worry, English subtitles to the rescue.

Had a chance to watch last June 4th the movie simply titled "Welcome". About a 17-year old Iraqi boy named Bilal who wanted to follow his girlfriend who illegally migrated to London with her family 6 months ago. Because of no pertinent documents and no money, he was stucked in France together with other illegal migrants. He studied swmiming lessons and befriended his swimming instructor Simon who provided him shelter and food even though there is a law in France that the local people should not provide anything to the Kurds (illegal migrants) because helping them encourages more to be like them.

Simon who is currently undergoing divorce process with his wife said one time to her: "This boy walked 4000 km and now planning to swim the Channel (shore that connects France to London) just to be with his girl when I couldn't even cross the road to get you back." Sigh, how sweet! Anyway, it is a crime to tell the end of the story so go and watch this and other films. I am lucky at that time there is a free scoop of ice cream courtesy of Selecta's new flavors choco almond fudge and coffee almond fudge.

For complete list of movie schedules, you may check: or if you can't make it at the dates mentioned above you may watch at Cultural Center of the Philippines (June 15-20), Ayala Center Cebu (June 18-20) or UP Film Institute (June 22-24).

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