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Spain’s Galleon Andalucia will Visit Manila for 5 Days!

History buffs! This is your chance to see the Galleon Andalucia in reality. For those who need the minds to be refreshed, two hundred fifty years ago, the Spaniards sailed to the Philippines through the galleon vessel to trade goods and spices. This galleon is a 51-meter-long replica of the Andalucia, which is currently stationed in China for the Shanghai Expo, will be docked at Pier 13 in Manila from October 5 to 9,2010. The ship will be open to the public from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Fundacion Nao Victoria in Spain created this galleon which uses wind to sail and thus is not dependent on fuel. Andalucia was the first known vessel to have successfully circumnavigated the world. This visit of the Andalucia is part of the  International Dia del Galeon Festival 2010. With the theme “Habitat, Heritage, History and Language: Continental Connectivity”, the festival will start on September 24 and will continue for two weeks with a series of interdisciplinary workshops called Artes Talleres and Spectaculos.

Sen. Edgardo Angara, chairman of the Dia del Galeon steering committee said  that ‘Through the galleon trade, the world learned about the Philippine abaca and the ylang-ylang as Manila became a global port in Asia. In turn, the Filipinos received the Mexican chocolate (tablea) and were introduced to Spanish music and arts. ‘ This is a proof that we are long civilized before and we have a rich contribution in the world history. This festival would also produce resolutions from workshops and discussions, while integrating the arts education module to the curriculum of art schools.

The Galleon ‘Andalucía’ is a  17th-century ships which sailed in Spain, America and Asia. The replica Andalucia which was launched in Punta Umbria in Huelva last December by the Nao Victoria Foundation, will travel to the Universal Exhibition in Shanghai to show ‘the potential and reality’ that Andalucía and companies from the region can develop in China. The ship has a total of 40 crews.

News and pictures taken from Yahoo Philippines and Typically Spanish

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