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Philippines has the Most Number of Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter Users inAsia

So the question is, will it contribute to the Filipinos'  positive growth or  just created an online morass from someone’s status announcing to the world his/her daily minutiae (been-to-this-mall, ate-my-favorite-lasagna, not-feeling-well, dryness-you-know-what-i-mean etc) or aptly called as pointless babbles on Twitter by Danah  Boyd… absolutely pointless.  Information technology research and advisory firm Gartner Inc. says in its latest report that that the Philippines leads among Asian countries when it comes to worldwide social media usage and adaptation. To sum it all up what is its impact to the moral, social, intellectual and economical contribution to the people and the society to a developing country like the Philippines?

Unlike China, Japan, South Korea, India and other Asian countries instead of embracing Yahoo – dubbed as the worlds’ most visited homepage, Facebook – with 500 million friends and Twitter – microblogging service most noted for its accessibility through mobile devices; they developed their own social network services.  But The Philippines, according to the report is showing same consumption habits similar to North American and European markets thru high consumer interest in services such as online gaming and matchmaking.

This Gartner report seem to match to the earlier ComScore result that said that the Philippines are ahead of its Asian neighbors in terms of social networking penetration. These sites are all spreading like a virus – very fast and it’s very early to feel its effect now. No one can tell how it will shape the world and the people, soon. Hope it won’t evolve as a one-world government or a one-world religion, who knows? To the Filipinos, what do you think is this a positive or a negative effect?

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