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Going green, not the mind but environment this time

Currently exhibited in Greenbelt 1 is a photo exhibit “Express Your Art Photo Contest II – Go Green Photocontest” sponsored by Thunderbird Resorts. This is their second photo contest which aims to promote sustainability through photographs . Awnd also a way of supporting art among Filipinos with photography as medium. Inspired by what happened to the provinces of Rizal and La Union struck by 2 destructive typhoons, Thunderbird Resorts saw the need to promote environment.  Its purpose is to create awareness, promote environmental balance, and instill commitment.
Grand Prize Winner
Imee Antonio
Jovito Amonoy
Reynaldo Mondez Sr.
Catalino Celzo
Reynaldo Mondez Sr.
Heinz Reimann Arnais
My vote (if i’m one of the judges) goes to the grand winner as well showing beautiful local crafts made of rattan split, abaca rope, seagrass, sabutan, buri & pandan leaves etc. Not only it’s about using our local resources but it’s about promoting our identity in another way.
To view the complete list of finalists you may click here
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