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In Love or in Lust: Poetry is the Answer!

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Either “in love” or “in lust, all turn to poetry when it comes to expressing whatever they feel inside.Poetry meant a boring thing nowadays because of social media but that night it was full of laughter as everyone shares their moderated naughtiness and the craziest thing they’ve done. A poetry reading that turned out to be a very cheesy conversation entitled Poetry Nights Love Thy Will Be Done with a theme of Love as Religion at Powerbooks, Greenbelt last Feb. 12th joined by writers, book authors, a musician, a composer and a visual artist cum blogger.

To not let the boredom kill the night, each poet was asked to answer a ‘love’ question. Monic, a pretty student shares the worst pick up lines ever said to her while she was solo in a bar waiting for her light beer. A guy approached her and said “Hindi tayo hayop, hindi tayo halaman kaya bagay tayo.” Syke, a rapper poet admits he is a “master” not a “slave”, wowed the crowd the most because of his pure Filipino lines commonly rated “baduy” if heard in ordinary days but for someone who feels “it’ could be a music to his/her ears. His final words are “Hindi po ako adik, nagmamahal lang.” Karen in her early-thirties, well her age speaks of her undaunted many experiences shares a poem that compares love as a Catholic mass and goes like this “I am open to take you in, so let the ceremony begin.” Raul, talks about daytime friends but nighttime lovers. Most of the crowds can relate as seen through their eyes.

Maegan Aguilar, daughter of famous musician Freddie Aguilar shares her song “Kasmalatinda”, term constructed backwards for “malakas ang dating”. She’s got a very nice voice and she’s a natural comedienne. Her second poem was in Filipino because she said “Baka sabihin ng iba eh di tayo marunong mag – Ingles. Oo naman noh, high skul grad ata to. ” Ginny, the blogger asked the moderator “Are you flirting with me?” right after he went on stage. The totally shocked moderator really blushed and laughed so hard as a defense mechanism. Ginny later said that, he just want to let the crowd know the proper answer for that is Well, you’re not paying attention. I guess.” He also mentioned he has a collection of poems about “bitter lovers” like the one he read which goes like this basag na ng dumating sa akin…” These letters are compiled in a blog entitled “Mga L[i]g[a]w n[a] L[i]h[a]m ng mga M[a]nd[ir]gm[a]ng Ngm[a]m[ay]ri ng It[i]m na Puso”.Very clever and short title.

The last poet Charmz, was introduced by saying “we save the best for last”. Well yeah, this girl is a writer of erotic stories and she proved she really  is.  She read a poem and comparing love as a food like that oozing coconut milk and tempting sweet honey and spicy curry flavor that might have stirred a few senses. So one may be  ilove, in lust or in lurve as said in There’s Something about Mary movie that night, it was also about preservation of poetry.

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