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Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club 0ffers FREE Tour to Manila Metropolitan Theatre

It was 12 noon and it’s so hot but when we went inside this 76-year old decaying theatre I felt a gush of cold wind from ceiling to my head then had goose bumps all throughout my body. I thought it’s only me who felt this way but so are my companions.“Air – cooled by spirits!” I heard someone at my back . It was so dark inside Manila Metropolitan Theater (Met) so sad seeing this as one of the finest art deco building in the country on the verge of destruction that the tour guide shared “it is better to see this now in decaying process than haven't at all”. Then I saw in one of the posts peeling off this “Philippines Most Haunted” vandal while we go up in a rubbish and wooden stairs that lead us to the other side.

Going inside Manila Metropolitan Theater only requires a brave heart and consent. Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club offers a FREE once in a month tour to this place but make sure to let them know a month ahead. This is an effort of preserving postal mails, post cards and stamps at these times when everyone is into online world already.  Who knows perhaps through this tour we develop a new generation of philatelists? In China, stamp collecting is considered as one of the top investments in a highly cultural field because it is a strong hobby that does not perish after only a given time. In the Philippines, culture and heritage it is the last priority... as always.

There is also a brief lecture of Old Manila like the Manila Post Office of 1900 used to house stables so it won't be a surprise if someone carrying a letter sending it elsewhere and he/she smells a pee of a horse etc.  To know more about this Manila Metropolitan Theater tour you can visit their Facebook Fan Page Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club

Inside Metropolitan Theater    

Serious hobbyists joining a bid for collector's items   

The tourists                                                

Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club meets every 3rd Sunday at the Main Lobby of the PhilPost Building. Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila

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