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FREE 5th International Silent Film Festival 2011 at Shangrila Cineplex

For the first time the Philippines will participate with the film “Brides of Sulu” 1937. Silent film festivals are films instead of being "dubbed" to produce sounds and be heard, a band does a music all throughout the duration of these old movies.  For more info about the synopsis of these films you may visit Goethe-Institut, the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach.

Philippines: BRIDES OF SULU
John Nelson,1933 (47 min.)                                                                                        Alejandro MORENO, Eduardo DE CASTRO and the MORO WARRIORS

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, 1922 (94 min.) (Friday, 26 August at 9pm)

Japan: AKEYUKU SORA/ THE DAWNING SKY  Torajiro Saito, 1929 (71 min.) (Saturday, 27 August at 5pm)

                     Italy: DANTE’S INFERNO Giuseppe de Liguoro, 1911 (71 min.)(Saturday, 27 August at 7pm)

Greece: THE GREEK MIRACLE staged documentary film, 1921(5 min.)      (Sunday, 28 August at 5pm)

                                 Spain:  PILAR GUERRA José Buchs, 1926 (63 min.)                                            (Sunday, 28 August at 5pm)

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